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29 August 2009 @ 06:51 pm

Title: Secrets
Author: Pyrite aka many other names
Rating: R/M
Pairing: Gaara/Kankuro
Warning(s): Yaoi, Sandcest.
Dedicated to: Mangagranatcat on DA.com
Summary: Gaara wants to know why there are so many rumors about Kankuro. When Kankuro is cornered by him, he lets Gaara know exactly why there are many rumors.
Author's Note: This is the first fic I have done where Gaara is the seme and Kankuro is the uke. I don't prefer Gaara as the seme, but Mangagranatcat wanted a fic with Gaara as the seme and since I wanted to give her a gift, I wanted to make her real happy with this. So if you don't like Gaara on top and Kankuro on bottom, then don't read. I hope you do though. Enjoy!

Kankuro's POV

I waited impatiently for my brother to come to his bedroom. Ever since we had started making love and having sex, I had been sleeping with him in his quarters. I checked the clock...he's late...probably because he is talking to one of his advisors. I thought back to how we first started our love-making. It wasn't the easiest start, but I am so glad that I have him as my lover.


I was coming in from my mission. My body was tired and sweaty as I remembered that I still had to go and give my report. Oh well...that could wait till after a shower. I approached my bedroom, but felt a familiar chakra as I drew closer. "Kankuro." My brother's voice entered my ears.

"Yes." I answered as I turned to him.

"We need to talk."

A feeling of uneasiness washed over me. "What about?"

"The rumors. I've been hearing rumors about you." Gaara answered.

"What kind of rumors?" I asked. Oh boy, I knew what he was wanting to talk about...my sex life.

"Let's go into your room. I don't think the hallway is the best place to discuss it." He suggested to me.

I nodded, "Of course." I opened my bedroom door and let him in first. I then walked in behind him and shut the door.

Gaara glanced at me and said, "I've heard rumors about your sex life Kankuro...and I am tired of hearing them. Are they true or not?"

"What rumors are you talking about?" I hadn't heard any.

He glared at me, "Are you being a slut Kankuro?"

I bit my lip..."What do you mean?"

Gaara sighed heavily, "Stop it Kankuro. I want to know if you are sleeping around with everyone in Suna."

"No!" I shouted.

"Then why are there rumors about your sex life?" The red-head questioned.

"Because I do have sex, but it's not like I have sex with everyone." Kami, it was like talking to Temari.

"Why are you degrading yourself Kankuro?"

The question caught me by surprise. Why was I degrading myself? It was because I was in love with him, but I knew I couldn't have him and I knew it wasn't right. "I...I love you." He looked taken aback as I continued, "It's true I have been sleeping around, only to quell my desire for you Gaara." Kami, he looked so confused. Would he hate me? I turned to face the wall, I couldn't bear to look at his face any longer.

I was surprised when I felt his hands on my shirt, ripping the material off my body. He ripped my hood off my head, I was going to turn around, but he prevented me from turning around by placing his arms on either side of my body. "Why didn't you come to me?"

"What?" I asked in surprised.

"You should of come to me, I would have made you feel better without spreading these rumors." He responded.


"Shut up Kankuro."

I obeyed him and kept silent. I felt his lips on my back. He was kissing from the top of my spine and downwards. It felt so good. I moaned softly as he continued until he reached the hem of my pants. I felt him pull away then, kiss at the base of my neck. He turned me around swiftly and thrust me against the wall so fast that I didn't have time to react. His lips were on mine faster than I knew. I felt his lips press harshly against mine. I opened my mouth, letting his tongue enter and explore my mouth. It felt so good, so very good to have his tongue dominate my mouth. I moaned in the kiss, then felt his lips separate from mine. I moaned in disappointment.

Gaara thrust me against the wall. I could feel anger radiating from his body and his stare. "You will never seek anyone else to find pleasure with again Kankuro. Do you understand this?"


"Good. Take off your pants." Gaara commanded me. "Then lay on the bed and spread your legs."

I did as he told me to and took off my last garment. I was finally naked before his eyes. I felt truly naked and judged. What did he think of me? Was I good enough for him? I walked to my bed then laid on it and spread my legs. He slowly approached the bed and climbed on top of the bed and in between my legs. I could tell he was thinking, but of what?

"Tell me," He murmured as his fingers caressed my chest, "is it true that you mark your partners? I've heard that rumor."

I bit my lip, "Yes, it's true." I had an obsession. I couldn't help that.

"You ever felt the same mark on your body?"

"No...I haven't."

He was quick in his actions. I felt his teeth over my left nipple, my body arched towards him. It felt so painful at first, but then pleasure speared through my body. Kami, it felt so good. "Mmm...Gaara..." I moaned. I felt him lick my nipple then move to the other one. Oh...it felt so so good. I felt him bite the other nipple, making me arch towards him. Pleasure headed through my body, making heat pool in my loins. Oh Kami...it felt so good. "Kami, Gaara..." I arched again, "It feels so good..." I moaned as he pulled back and looked at me.

He murmured, "You're mine and this proves it doesn't it...'aniki?'"

I gasped loudly...He had never called me that name before. Was he mocking me in some weird way? "Yes." I gasped again.

I felt his mouth move down the center of my chest. Every kiss made me feel as if my nerves were on fire. I wrapped my leg around his waist, which only made him grasp my hips tightly. "Don't act like a slut Kankuro." He commanded me as I tried to ground my hips against his own. He groaned, pressing his thumbs deeper into my skin, "You're not in charge Kankuro."

I moaned softly. I could feel his lips kissing a path of fire down my skin all the way to my abdomen. I arched again, as I felt his mouth take in the tip of my thick cock. "Mmm...it feels so good." I reached for his head, taking in some red strands of hair and pulled harshly. I moaned his name loudly, begging for him to do more than taking my cock into his mouth. Oh Kami, he was doing wonders with his mouth. He licked up the side of my cock, making me arch again towards the hot mouth. "You're so wonderful Gaara."

He pulled back with a pop and said, "Exactly as you imagined it Kankuro?"

I nodded eagerly, "Yeah. Everything and more."

With one hand he thrust my cheek against the pillow, "The rumors were right, you sound like such a slut."

A blush covered my cheeks, "Only for you Gaara..."

I could feel his hand caress my cheek softly then his hand pulled back. I looked up at him and noticed him pulling off his pants to reveal his long, thin cock. Oh Kami! He was going to take me, I was so excited and so nervous. Kami I knew that I wanted it, but I knew that he was going to be hard on me. He lifted my legs up slightly as I wrapped both of them around his waist. 'Take me Gaara...Kami, take me!' I thought then watched as he finally slammed into my eager and wanting body. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders while feeling his large cock slam into my prostate. I cried out his name, begging for him to keep up the pace. "Mmm...ohh...Gaara! It feels so good!"

Gaara pressed his hands into my hips as he slammed harder and harder into my body. His hand closed around my cock, pumping it until finally I could no longer hold it in. "Ahh! Gaara! I can't hold it anymore!" I screamed while shaking hard, my fingers dug hard into his back, making him groan as my body contracted around him. His body fell over mine, making me feel so warm as I wrapped my legs around his hot body. It felt so good to be loved.


I heard him enter the room, making me feel so good. I welcomed him by rolling on my stomach and sticking my butt in the air. "Welcome back Gaara. I missed you."

"Want sex already?" He paused as he climbed on the bed and cupped my ass. "You're such a slut."

I twisted around to look at him, "Yes, but i'm your slut Gaara."

Gaara smiled back at me. "That's the truth. Now be silent. The only thing I want to hear from you are your moans of pleasure." I nodded, then arched backwards again as he settled behind me. I sighed heavily, feeling happier than I ever felt before.
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02 August 2009 @ 06:30 pm
I can't believe August is here so soon! Can you? I can't. I have been so busy with my job. I've been off this weekend, but I found out that tomorrow and Tuesday I am off. I go back to work on Wednesday. Yay... Anyway, I am writing several Gaara and Kankuro oneshots. I am also going to be finishing Once in a Blue Moon soon. I plan to make a sequel to Trip to the Past. I am definitely thinking about it. I'm looking forward to it. Anyway, talk soon.

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19 July 2009 @ 05:55 pm

Title: Slave to You
Author: Pyrite (my other name)
Rating: R/M
Warning: Slavery, Torture, Sandcest, Yaoi.
Pairing: Gaara/Kankuro
Summary: Gaara was born to be Kankuro's personal slave. This is a short one-shot featuring what-if younger brothers of the same sex had to be their older brother's slaves.
Author's Note: This story has been in my brain for a while and it has been bothering me for so long. So I had to write it. Anyway, the summary sucks, so I hope you read it and enjoy it. Review please!

Gaara's POV

My mother says from the day I was born, Kankuro claimed me as his. I don't doubt it. I am his. As a young child, I was busy trying to please my older brother...my aniki. He was always mean to me and tried to make me do things I didn't want to or got me in trouble with Father. My brother is only two years older than me, but that is a suitable difference. I have to do whatever he says and I cannot disobey him, otherwise Father will get involved.

The day I truly became Kankuro's was the day he hit puberty. He was 13 at the time and I was 11. Uncle Yashamaru came to me and told me that I would need to help my brother, which I always wanted to do. Traditionally, when a boy hits puberty, he is allowed to have sex...at least where I come from.

Anyway, Uncle Yashamaru took me to Kankuro's room and sat me on the bed. I can still remember the look in his eyes. He looked as if he had some great secret to hide. Father came into Kankuro's room next and said, "Obey Kankuro or you will be punished." Uncle Yashamaru left with Father, probably to have sex too. They were lovers and still are.

I waited ten minutes before Kankuro entered. He slammed the door behind him while keeping his dark eyes on me. "Aniki?" I questioned.

He walked quickly to the bed and thrust me into the sheets. Oh Kami, the way he tore at my clothes still sends shivers down my spine. After tearing off my clothes and leaving me naked, he stared at my naked body. I could see the pleasure etched on his painted face. His fingers ghosted over my chest before circling my nipples and pinching them into perky nubs. His first statement to me was, "You look like a feast to me Gaara...all spread out like a whore." He then licked his lips and smirked.

I replied, "Whatever makes you happy Aniki."

He frowned suddenly at me then slapped my face harshly, "Never say that word while we are fucking! You're nothing but a slut to me!" He never knew how hurtful those words were to me, but I didn't let him know.

"Yes Kankuro."

"Spread your legs Gaara. I plan to make you scream."

That night he did more than make me scream, he made me beg for the pleasure and pain that he was offering. His mouth worked wonders on my nipples. He was quite abusive, first suckling the nubs into his mouth, then biting until I screamed, knowing I could not scream any more. Once satisfied with his job, he pulled back and examined what he had done to me. He had left bruises over my sensitive nipples and one could see bite marks as well.

"You are mine Gaara and these bruises prove it. It's time to show your worth." He told me as he pinched my sensitive nipples until I cried out for him. Next his hands parted my thighs further, then grasped my hard cock. I arched for him as he positioned himself to push into me. "Kami, you're such a slut Gaara." His words served only to make me hotter for him.

"Only for you...An..iki..." I replied as pleasure surged through my body.

Kankuro thrust my face to the side, "What did I tell you slut?"

"Not...to...call you that." I bit out.

"I was going to prepare you, but a naughty whore like yourself needs to learn how to behave." Kankuro slid into me with a harsh thrust, he then began to work a rhythm to meet his orgasm. He brought my legs over his shoulders, angling his body to meet my prostate better. I begged for him further as he slammed into body. It felt so good as he continued to thrust into me. He leaned forward and bit my nipple as he continued to slam into my body. I screamed for him, my already hard cock burst, letting the juices flow for him. I could feel my brother's seed coat my insides and my thighs...it felt so good. He collapsed over me, his thick cock still inside me and bursting with thick streams of cum. He told me, "Always mine Gaara."



Gaara waited patiently for his brother to come back from his day at work. He was
tired of waiting for the older brother to come. He was naked except for a black leather strap around his neck and a silver chain around his thin waist. He heard the soft footsteps of his brother at the door and heard him thrust the door open.

"Hello Kankuro." Gaara greeted his brother.

Kankuro entered the room and shut the door behind him. "Ehh...it was okay. I'm looking forward to our time together." Kankuro pulled Gaara's naked body against his fully clothed one. "Tell me, have you been behaving today?"

"Yes Aniki."

Kankuro glared at the younger brother and pushed him on the bed, his eyes connecting with the red-head's jade eyes. "What a cocktease you are Gaara. You will never get my name right during our love-making." He chuckled at the word.

"I'm sorry. I've always known you as my aniki." Gaara explained.

The older brother growled as he nipped Gaara's throat softly. "I don't care. You are mine and you will do what I say."

"Yes Kankuro." Gaara moaned softly as he felt Kankuro move between his spread legs. Kankuro bent down over Gaara's nipples and took a sensitive nub in his mouth, biting and suckling at the same time. Gaara cried out loudly as heat coursed through his body. He grasped hold of anything tangible, which happened to be Kankuro's scraggly hair. "Uh...oh Kankuro..."

"Tell me how good it feels cockwhore." Kankuro commanded the red-head then returned to biting the sensitive nipple.

"Uhhh...mmm...Kankuro! Please...it feels so good! More please!"

He laughed low in his throat, "Since you begged so beautifully." He then continued to bite hard on the younger man's nipple while relishing in the sounds the red-head was making. Kankuro loved the sounds that Gaara made. He was such a beautiful whore. He kept biting down on the flesh in his mouth till Gaara cried out for more.Gaara dug into his brother's hair, tugging at the brown lockes. "Please...Kankuro!"

Kankuro kissed across to the neglected nipple and bit down on it, causing Gaara to cry out in both pain and pleasure. His moans became nearly indiscernable as Kankuro bit down on the red-head's sensitive nub. Gaara twisted under Kankuro's ministrations, causing the brunette to bite down harder. Heat flushed through Gaara's body, making the red-head feel even more hotter and want more of Kankuro's ministrations.

He pulled away from Gaara's nipple with one last lick then began to lick down his chest and stomach. His hot tongue leaving a trail of fire on the red-head's skin. When Kankuro reached his belly button, he plunged his tongue into the small hole and swirled the appendage around a few times, making the younger man squeal.

"Do you want me to take you Gaara?" The red-head nodded, but this didn't satisfy Kankuro. "Answer slut!"


Kankuro leaned down and whispered in his ear, "That's more like it." He pulled Gaara's legs over his shoulders and angled his hips with Gaara's body then suddenly plunged into the red-head's tight body. He wrapped his arms around Gaara's thighs as he pulled back and thrust back in. Gaara cried out while feeling Kankuro hit his prostate over and over again. Gaara felt Kankuro grasp one thigh tightly, leaving marks, as his other hand went to the red-head's member to pump it in rhythm with his thrusts.

"Oh...Ani...Kankuro! Please...i'm going to burst!" Gaara screamed at his brother.

Kankuro grunted, "Not until I come..." He pumped Gaara's cock a few more times then felt the familiar contracting of the younger man's body, causing his own to tighten as he continued to thrust in the willing red-head's body. Kankuro felt the red-head contract around him causing him to spill his seed into the body beneath him. He felt liquid coat his fingers as Gaara's cum spilled over his chest.

Later, Kankuro pulled the red-head over his body and possessively said, "I love fucking you."

Gaara quietly murmured, "I love you aniki."

He felt Kankuro squeeze around his body, "I guess I will never get you to stop calling me that, but we can come to a truce ne? Call me Kankuro only during sex. Deal?"

"Deal Kankuro." Gaara agreed then kissed his brother on the lips, it was a chaste kiss, but made the two feel even more connected.

The End
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19 July 2009 @ 05:38 pm
Hey everyone,

I have been so so busy with my new job at Burger King. I have been busy writing though. So I thought I would post some of my work today. I have done some oneshots featuring Gaara and Kankuro. I am also half-way done with my Once in a Blue Moon fic. I will talk soon.

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10 May 2009 @ 04:03 pm

Title: Kankuro's Birthday

Author: Pyrite

Rating: R

Warnings: Drag, Incest, Yaoi, Lemon.

Pairing: Gaara/Kankuro

Summary: Kankuro is celebrating his birthday, little does he know that Gaara has a special surprise for him.

Author's Note: Okay, Kankuro's B-day is on May 15, yay Kankuro! So I thought I would celebrate by writing a fic. I wanted to write something with Gaara doing drag for Kankuro. So I hope you enjoy!

"Are you sure this looks okay?" Gaara asked Temari for the hundredth time.

"Yes." Temari answered in an exasperated voice. She had by now become used to Gaara and Kankuro's relationship.

"I don't know Temari...I look...girlish."

Temari laughed, "You're supposed to." She eyed her brother. He was dressed in a frilly black maid outfit with a white apron, black women's panties which were lacy, and black high-heeled sandals.

"You think he will like it?"

She laughed again. "We are talking about Kankuro right? If he plays with his puppets, then don't you think he has a kinky side?"

"I suppose." Gaara answered.

"Believe me, all men like it when their partners dress up for them. They get turned on Gaara."

"I still don't see what is so 'kinky' about this." He murmured as he looked at himself in a full-length mirror.

Temari smiled at him, "Oh you will." She hugged her brother softly, "Tell me how it goes tomorrow."

"Alright." He watched his sister disappear through the door and heard it close.


Kankuro could not believe that he had to work on his birthday, of all days. He wondered if it was Gaara's idea or Temari's. He opened the door to the Kazekage suite and shut it behind him. As he walked into the bedroom he saw a maid bent over in a more then compromisable position, cleaning the mirror.

"Um...excuse me...Lord Kazekage doesn't like maids cleaning his room at this time."

The maid stood up and he realized that the maid was really Gaara. He gasped as he eyed the outfit Gaara wore. It was a short, black dress with a frilly, white apron. Gaara blushed softly as Kankuro eyed him up and down. "Do you like Kankuro?"

"I like it lot! Where did you get the idea to dress up?"

"Temari. She said you would like it."

"I'll have to thank her tomorrow." He replied as he drew Gaara in his arms. "You look beautiful."

"Thanks...Happy birthday, by the way." Gaara thanked his brother.

"Thank you. Did you send me out on that C-class mission?"

Gaara smiled at his brother, "Temari and I did. Hope you don't mind."

"Not if this is my surprise." Kankuro smiled back at his brother. He then led Gaara to a plush chair and sat down in it. Gaara stood in front of him, waiting for him to speak. "Take it off, slowly."

The red-head blushed again, but obeyed his brother. He reached around the back and untied his white, frilly apron then threw it in the floor. He turned around to show his back to his brother, "Can you unzip me?"

"Yes, of course." Kankuro responded enthusiastically. He reached for the zipper and pulled it down.

"Thanks." Gaara replied as he turned around and pulled one arm out of the short black dress. He then pulled his other arm out and bent down to push it down his hips. Kankuro eyed Gaara as he pushed the black dress down his hips, past his thighs, revealing black lacy panties. His mouth fell open in a silent gasp. After Gaara let the dress fall to the floor and stepped out of it, he saw Kankuro's face and asked, "What?"

"You look so hot." Kankuro murmured, making Gaara blush again. "Take off your panties."

Gaara obeyed his brother and slowly took off the panties, letting them fall to the floor and stepping out of them to finally be naked in front of his brother, with the exception of the black stockings he wore. "There's some birthday cake in the kitchen." Gaara suddenly said as he looked at his brother's face.

Kankuro smiled. "Why don't you get me a piece."

Gaara nodded and walked away from his brother towards the kitchen. Kankuro leaned back in the chair and smiled as he thought how good his birthday was turning out. This was going to be the best birthday ever. He heard soft footsteps as Gaara returned with a small plate of cake and fork. Kankuro flashed a smile at Gaara. "Since this is my birthday, you can feed me." Gaara rolled his eyes at his brother, but climbed on Kankuro's lap and dug the fork into the moist cake and took a piece of the cake and lifted it up to Kankuro's lips. Kankuro opened up his mouth and took in the piece of cake then chewed slowly and swallowed. "Mmm. So good."

"I thought you would like it Kankuro."

"I do." He smiled as Gaara kept feeding him the piece of cake. After Gaara finished feeding him the piece of cake, he stood up and took the plate back to the kitchen. Once Gaara came back to the room, he found that Kankuro had moved from the chair to the bed and had taken off his hood and clothes. Kankuro motioned for Gaara to come to him. "Come here my sweet maid."

Gaara obeyed his brother and walked towards the bed, climbing on it then straddling Kankuro's hips. "What can I do for you Aniki?"

"You can give me something to drink." Kankuro said as he smiled at Gaara.

Gaara rolled his eyes again, "Aniki, why didn't you tell me you wanted something while I was up?"

"Because you have what I want."

"Hn?" Gaara questioned as he felt Kankuro push him on his back. He looked up to see Kankuro spread his legs and place them over his strong shoulders. A whimper escaped his mouth as Kankuro looked at him with lust-filled eyes. He now knew what Kankuro meant and what he intended to do. Seconds later, Kankuro's mouth slid over Gaara's hardened cock. His tongue swept around the tip as Kankuro heard Gaara moan from the intense pleasure. His mouth took in the tip and took his cock in the back of his throat, humming softly around the appendage. "Mmm...oh...Aniki!" The puppet master felt drunk on the pleasure he was causing the red-head. He started sucking hard as he tasted pre-cum from the red-head's cock. Kankuro wrapped his arms around Gaara's hips as the younger man bucked his hips further. "Oh Kami...Aniki...oh please!" Kankuro felt Gaara spill his seed into his mouth.

Kankuro drank up all the cum that flooded his mouth. He pulled back with a final lick and murmured, "Mmm. That was good." Gaara stared up at him, eyes half-lidded and panting. The puppet master placed his hands on either side of Gaara's chest as he looked at the red-head. "Beg me to take that sweet ass of yours."

Gaara wanted to tell him to stop teasing him, but it was Kankuro's birthday. "Please take me Aniki."

"Since you asked so nicely." Kankuro teased.

He placed Gaara's legs over his shoulders then without warning, thrust into his brother's hot and waiting body. Kankuro moaned as he angled his hips to hit Gaara's sweet spot. Gaara moaned loudly as he grasped the edge of the headboard to prevent Kankuro from thrusting him up against the headboard. Kankuro grasped Gaara's thighs as he continued to thrust against Gaara's prostate. "Oh Kami...Aniki...i'm almost there!"

Kankuro replied, "Gaara...you're so fucking beautiful!" He continued thrusting until he felt Gaara's body contract violently around his cock. The red-head cummed on his stomach while feeling his brother fill him with his seed. Kankuro collapsed over his brother after finishing emptying his seed in Gaara's body.

After catching his breath, Gaara murmured, "Happy birthday Aniki."

"And what a great one it was." Kankuro replied then wrapped his arms around Gaara's waist and fell asleep.


The next day Kankuro found Temari and flashed her a knowing smile. "Hello Temari."

"Hi Kankuro. Happy late birthday." Temari replied.

"I want to thank you."

"Hmm? Why?"

"For convincing Gaara to dress up."

Temari giggled. "It wasn't hard. Besides, you'll return the favor for his birthday."

Kankuro looked taken aback. "I don't think I will dress in a skirt, but I will do something similar."

"Well did you enjoy it?"

"Yep. It was great. Anyway, I got to meet him."

"Where are you going?" She questioned.

"I convinced him to go to a local sex shop. I'm a lucky s-o-b. Tell Shikamaru hi for us."

Temari laughed at her brother. "Alright. I will. See you soon."

The End

A/N: Well, I hope you don't mind me taking a moment to write a one-shot for Kankuro's b-day. I believe it is May 15th...right? Anyway, I plan to write a piece for Gaara's b-day...soon, but I will do that probably after I finish Once in a Blue Moon. Hope you enjoyed it! Please review!

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30 March 2009 @ 08:11 pm

Chapter One:
Lusting For You

He sat at his desk, rummaging through that day's papers and signing what was needed to be signed. It had been two days...two days since he had experienced his brother's love. He needed his aniki, but didn't dare approach him. They both had their responsibilities. "Here's the stack of papers for Kankuro-sama." One of the girl assistants brought for him. "I'll be back to retrieve them in an hour Lord Kazekage." He nodded then watched as she disappeared.

Gaara thumbed through the papers leaving little notes on the papers for his brother to fix. When he came to the middle an idea struck him and he decided to leave a rather personal note. No one would know, they would think it another note to change the papers. He thought for a moment, then continued with his plan.


I miss you. Can we meet tonight?


Gaara finished his other notes now satisfied that his brother would respond, hopefully. Later the same assistant came and picked up the stack of papers and he took his lunch break...hoping for some kind of assurance. Kami, he missed his brother.


Gaara returned to find a new set of papers on his desk from Kankuro. He looked through the notes and found a personal one from Kankuro making him happy.


Miss you too baby. Come to my room tonight no later than 8:00. I'll be waiting.


It was an affirmation of things to come for Gaara. However, he knew that his day would be long with papers and meetings. What would happen if he had to stay late? Oh well, Kankuro would understand. After all, he was Kazekage. Excitement coursed through his body as he thought of what was to come. He had to be patient, seven more hours of work. He grimaced as he saw his female assistant enter, "Are you finished with the papers Lord Kazekage?"

"No. Not yet." He answered.

"Alright, i'll be back to pick them up. You have a meeting with your chief advisor at 2:00." She told him with a bow then left.

He wanted to leave, but he had so much work to do. He sighed then continued to work on his revisions and everything else to finish before he met his brother for their private meeting.


Shit, shit, shit...he was late. Ten minutes late to be exact. He approached his brother's door and looked at it then sighed as he knocked on it. "Yes." His brother's gruff voice answered through the door.

"It's me." Gaara responded.

The door opened and Gaara saw his brother standing before him. "You're late. Ten minutes late."

Gaara knew he couldn't apologize out in the hallway. He pushed his way in and shut the door, surprising Kankuro. "I apologize."

Kankuro grasped his brother's waist and pulled him against his body. "You are going to be punished for your lateness."

"I was busy..."

"Ah, ah, ah...you leave your title at the door Gaara. What could have kept you from me?" Kankuro said as he wagged his finger.


"I thought as much." Kankuro made a clicking sound. "Lean over the bed, but take off your clothes first."

Gaara blushed as he took off his Kazekage clothes slowly in front of his brother. He watched his brother eye him wolfishly. After taking off his clothes, Gaara walked over to his brother's bed and placed his hands on the soft sheets. He wondered what Kankuro was going to do to him. "Kankuro?"

"Shh...the only thing I want to hear out of your mouth is numbers."

"Numbers?" Gaara asked in a confused manner.

Kankuro spanked Gaara's ass suddenly, making his brother yelp in surprise. "Numbers Gaara. Count it out. I'll tell you when we're finished."

"One..." He moaned as his brother kept spanking him. He kept up with his brother's hits and kept shouting them out. Kankuro finally reached the tenth spank, "Ten!" Kankuro hadn't spanked his brother hard, but he still wanted to display his dominance to Gaara. After all, he had waited patiently for his brother and Gaara had arrived late. He couldn't let that go by without some punishment.

"Good boy." Kankuro whispered softly in his brother's ear. He pulled Gaara up and stared into his eyes as he pulled off his hood and threw it onto the floor. "Do you want me to fuck you Gaara?"

Gaara knew he sounded needy, but damn he wanted his brother to fuck him. "Yes Kankuro!"

Kankuro smirked as he pulled Gaara against his body, his hands were grasping Gaara's naked behind, taking advantage of the flesh that he had contact with. His mouth claimed the red-head's while making him moan in the kiss. Kankuro pulled back, making his brother moan in disappointment. "What a eager slut you are Gaara." Gaara moaned again, only this time it was a moan of pleasure. Gaara loved his brother's possessiveness and his dirty talk.

Kankuro took off his shirt and threw it in the floor then stripped the rest of the way down until he too was naked. He pushed Gaara on the bed, feeling his cock harden at the thought of taking his brother. "Kankuro..." Gaara moaned his brother's name as he felt his brother spread his legs and settled between them. Kankuro kissed Gaara harshly as he placed his hands on either side of his body. He dipped his tongue in his brother's mouth, causing Gaara to moan in is mouth. They kissed for a few minutes before Kankuro pulled back and saw that Gaara's lips were red and swollen.

"You're so beautiful Gaara." Kankuro murmured in his brother's ear.

"Thank you aniki." Gaara responded with a blush.

"You're welcome." Kankuro kissed softly down his brother's neck softly. His lips pressed against the pulse point of the red-head's neck, making him whine with pleasure. He continued to kiss down his neck and shoulder. Kankuro eyed the fading bruise that he had given Gaara a few days back. "Does it still hurt?"

"For the first couple of days it did, especially when my clothes rubbed against the spot." Gaara explained.

Kankuro smiled, "Good, I want you to always remember that you are mine." Kankuro then lowered his mouth over his brother's nub and captured it in his mouth. He ground his teeth over the bruised nub, causing his brother to moan loudly in pleasure and pain.

"Kank...ur...oh!" The red-head screamed in half-pain and half-pleasure.

Kankuro let go of Gaara's nipple, pleased to hear such wonderful sounds from his brother's mouth. "Do you like it hardcore sweetheart?"


Kankuro bent back down and nipped hard on his brother's slightly bruised nipple. Gaara yelped slightly, then he heard Kankuro say, "Hardcore."

"Please don't tease me Kankuro! It feels so good." He chastised his brother but knew that the older one was in control.

Kankuro smiled a cat-like smile then went back to sucking on his brother's neglected nipple while pinching and tweaking the other one. He loved being the dominant one and knowing that only he could give Gaara the pleasure that he wanted and needed. When Kankuro finished playing with his brother's slightly bruised nubs, he began to lick a warm path down his brother's chest and belly.

Gaara felt a bolt of heat go through his body and settle straight in his abdomen, making his already hard cock harder. He arched his lower body upwards to his brother's mouth, wanting more of the pleasant sensations that Kankuro was giving him. "Patience slut." Kankuro told him as he looked at him with the eyes of a dominant partner. Despite Kankuro's command, Gaara felt himself growing harder due to Kankuro's dirty talk.

He couldn't stop himself from begging though. "Please...aniki, I need release!"

This caused Kankuro to stop and to look at the red-head with hardened eyes. He grasped some of Gaara's red hair and said, "I decide when you release Gaara. Don't even think about coming!" Gaara was shocked, but did his best not to let his brother's ministrations make him feel like he was going to cross the brink.

Kankuro made small bite marks down his brother's stomach before he paused to thrust an emboldened tongue in his brother's belly button. He swirled his tongue around the smooth hole then pulled back and kissed downward towards his brother's abdomen. By now, he could hear Gaara mewling with pent up pleasure. He decided that it was time to give his brother the release he wanted...and get a little release himself. Grasping Gaara's hips, he rolled the younger on top of him and heard Gaara ask, "Aniki?"

"You want release don't you?" Kankuro asked.


"Then ride me like the bitch you are."

Gaara blushed, but did as his brother said. He had never been in this position before and felt a little embarassed as he grasped his brother's thick cock and positioned his body over it. Kankuro watched Gaara as he sank over him with renewed lust. Kami, it felt so good! He grasped Gaara's hips tightly, hard enough to make bruising imprints, and helped Gaara find a rhythm that was right for both of them. Kankuro lifted his hips to help his cock meet Gaara's prostrate. He heard Gaara cry out every time he struck that sweet nerve in him. Kankuro released Gaara's hips and grasped the red-head's hardened cock and began to pump quickly to get him to orgasm quickly. "Kan...kur...oh!" He heard Gaara cry out while his inner muscles contracted around Kankuro's hard cock. Gaara came hard, releasing over his brother's slick and sweaty chest then finally collapsed on the older brother. Kankuro heard his brother cry out his name and felt heaven as his brother's body kept contracting around his rock hard cock. He thrust once more and spilled his seed in his brother's body then collapsed backwards in a panting mess.

After about twenty minutes of silence, Gaara looked up to see Kankuro staring at the ceiling in thought. "Kankuro?"

"Hn? What is it?"

"Do you think what we're doing is right?"

Kankuro looked at the red-head in semi-shock but answered, "Yes, it feels right to me."

"Me too." Gaara agreed. "I feel normal."

Kankuro felt dumbstruck. He chastised his younger brother. "Don't you ever think that you are less than anyone Gaara! You are beautiful and precious and I love you!"

"You think i'm normal?"

"Yes Gaara. I do." He kissed the red-head softly, then pulled back and said, "I love you very much."

"I love you too Kankuro."

The two fell asleep in each other's arms. Gaara didn't know how much Kankuro loved him, but he would soon experience everything that love included; lust, desire, warm feelings, and jealousy.

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Chapter Eight:

Kami...he loved the feeling of her legs wrapped around him. Misaki had convinced Gaara to go to the shower and have sex. Gaara didn't refuse. His head was buried in her neck as he pushed her up against the wet wall. He taunted her like never before, "Do you like that?"

Misaki arched against his body, "Don't tease me Gaara." He thrust up against her, his cock already buried in her and ready to burst. She grasped his wet hair as her body kept arching towards his hard cock.

"Kami Gaara...fuck me with your hard cock!" She shouted as he grasped her backside with both hands and began to thrust into her tight hole. He heard her scream, which made him assume that he was hitting the right spot. One hand freed itself and went to the nearest breast and squeezed tightly. He felt her body contract around his cock causing him to groan from the alternating pressure. He kept thrusting, feeling her warmth squeeze him. Kami she felt so good! He was almost there...almost... She screamed his name as they climaxed in unison. Gaara filled her with his seed as he fell back in the tub, her body shaking on top of his.

"Kami that was good." He whispered in her ear while she looked at him.

"It was." She agreed.


Gaara and Misaki talked to each other while laying down on the bed. Kankuro lay next to Misaki listening to their conversation. "Kankuro," She turned over on her other side to face him, "I've been meaning to ask you something."

Kankuro looked at her with a confused look on her face. "What is it?"

"Well...it's sort of..."

"Come on Misaki."

"Would you teach me puppet jutsu?" Misaki asked as she blushed.

She heard them both gasp, "Puppet jutsu? But why?"

"I've always been interested in learning it plus I have to learn another type of jutsu to become a special jonin."

"Sure...I'd love to!" Kankuro responded.

She smiled at him then turned over to cuddle with her future husband. "Kami...Do you MIND GAARA?"

Gaara raised an eyebrow. "Mind what baby?"

"I just...I want to ride you...forgive me."

Gaara smiled as he rolled over on his back to invite her. "Nothing to forgive love."


Misaki left the two brothers for training with Lee, leaving them to their own devices. "What is it Kankuro?" Gaara asked as he watched his brother pull out one of his puppet scrolls.

"Hmm? What do you mean?"

"You've been eyeing Misaki like a hawk."

"So...your point?" Kankuro questioned his brother.

"My point is that I think you are a bit jealous." Gaara said.

Kankuro shot daggers at his brother, "Jealous...of you? You're kidding right?"

Gaara smiled at Kankuro, "Nope."

"I think you're crazy Gaara."

"Whatever you think Kankuro."

Kankuro looked at the scroll he had then turned to Gaara, "Why do you think I am jealous?"

"She's spending more time with me."

"Uh...yeah...you're engaged to her."

"Kankuro, I think you are still hot for her."

"Oh shut up Gaara." Kankuro replied.

Gaara smiled at his brother as he watched him. They heard the door open and watched as Lee carried Misaki in. "I'm so sorry Misaki."

"What happened?" Gaara questioned.

"We had an accident on the field. I twisted my ankle. It's no big deal."

Lee sat her on the bed. "I still feel like it is my fault."

"Lee stop it. It's not your fault. There's a reason it's called a training field. Besides I will be back on both feet tomorrow." She smiled at Lee.

"If you're sure."

"Lee! Stop worrying! It's a sprained ankle...nothing more. Now go tell Sakura that we'll see you guy's later tonight."

Lee smiled. "Alright!"

After Lee left Gaara asked, "Sprain?"

"Yes. I tripped. Really idiotic." Misaki sighed as she felt Gaara pick up her sore foot and rub it. "Oooh...I'm going to have a wonderful husband."

"You know it." Gaara responded with a soft laugh.

Kankuro ignored the two, making her feel bad all the sudden. Misaki had been sure that Gaara had spoke to Kankuro about their engagement, but still, she felt some ties with Kankuro still. "Kankuro?"

"Hmm?" He returned, not bothering to look at her.

"Have I upset you?"

He glanced at her, blinking a few times. Upset me? "Why would you think that?"

"Your behavior is a little different...besides, I haven't spent time with you. Come here." What? He didn't need pity! He wanted to tell her that, but melted when he saw her sad, blue eyes. Kankuro felt Misaki's arms around his shoulders as he leaned his head against her chest. "You know what?"

Kankuro tried to look up at her, but she kept his head still. "I love you both so much. I don't know what I will do without both of you at my side. Kankuro, I can't forget that night you came to me and offered me pleasure. You made me forget what problems I had and feel so carefree...and Gaara, the next night when you came, I didn't know what to think, but when I woke up," she sighed softly, "oh I felt safe and warm." She paused, thinking best to explain her position, "Kankuro, I am going to marry Gaara because of those feelings...it's not because of his position or anything else. You are a person who should love, but should not be bound because you are so carefree."

Tears fell down her cheeks and splashed on Kankuro's forehead. "Do not cry Misaki. I don't want you to cry over my silliness."

"Besides love," Gaara ventured, "just because Kankuro can't get married to you, doesn't mean we have to stop having sex altogether."

"Oh Kankuro," Misaki cried as she leaned her head against his, "don't hate me!"

Kankuro laughed softly, making Misaki pull back angrily, "Baby, I don't hate you. I could never hate you. Besides, I am going to be teaching you puppet jutsu, I don't venture we will be doing too much in the department of sex. But if you need me, you know I am always here for you, cock included." He laughed again.

She hugged him softly, "You're such a bastard when you want to be Kankuro! But I love you nonetheless."

Gaara couldn't help but smile at the two, "So," he interrupted, "where are we going tonight?"

"Well, you know that store Kakashi-sama owns?" The two nodded, still remembering her books, "Sakura and I want to go back for some apparel and toys. After that we are going to a nice tea house to eat." She paused thinking about what she wanted to wear for tonight, "OOOHH! Kankuro! You can help me pick out what I wear tonight!"

Oh Hell! Gaara laughed as Misaki stood up on her good ankle and half-dragged, half-hopped with Kankuro behind her to her closet. "So not funny Gaara!" Kankuro shouted back.

"He can't see what I am wearing till later. It's a surprise." Misaki shouted.

Gaara reclined back on the bed, "Oh well." He was feeling happy that everything was resolved with them.


Misaki and Sakura were like two kids in a candy store and poor Lee, Gaara, and Kankuro did not know what to do. Kakashi only spurred them on to find whatever they wanted. "Ooh that is so cute Sakura!" Misaki cooed as Sakura laid a pink lingerie outfit over her white kimono with pink flowers.

"I know." Sakura replied. "Lee should love it."

Lee blushed as Sakura mentioned him. "I can assume you three are engaged with those two ladies in some way." Kakashi asked, trying to make conversation while the two women looked at apparel.

"Yep." Gaara responded.

"Oooh! That would look so good on you Misaki!" Sakura cooed this time.

Kakashi chuckled softly, "They are extremely happy finding clothes."

"You have no idea." Kankuro replied.

Kakashi laughed. "Sit down gentlemen, I have a feeling the ladies are going to take a while." Lee, Gaara, and Kankuro sat down on three stools in front of the desk that Kakashi sat at. "Need any help ladies?"

"No thanks Kakashi-sama!" Misaki answered back.

Kakashi chuckled. "So where are you taking those lovely ladies tonight?"

"To the Konoha Tea House." Lee replied.

"They'll love it."

"So when did you start this shop Kakashi?" Gaara asked.

"Back a few years ago. I noticed that Konoha was lacking and decided to open my own shop...take a break from teaching and missions."

"Do you get a lot of women?" Kankuro intervened.

"Both male and females grace my shop. However, I do sell apparel for women, so yeah I do get more women than men at times." Kakashi noted, "Females are so easy to please."

The three cocked their heads at Kakashi, now paying full attention to him. "Why do you say that?" Kankuro questioned the older jonin.

"It's the truth. Think about it, women work so hard to please us and it takes so little to please them in return." Kakashi paused, "I find intimacy is so much meaningful to a woman than regular sex. Of course, I am sure you three know that."

Gaara was thoughtful. Intimacy? He had never truly been intimate, at least Kakashi's definition of it. He had sex, he was definitely no virgin, he wanted to know more. The women were out of earshot. "So Kakashi, how would you suggest it?"


"To make a woman happy?"

"Ahh. Really basic. Light some candles, lay her on the bed, put on some nice music..." He trailed off.

Gaara sighed, urging Kakashi to continue. "And?"

"Oh...well, you know, kiss her...hmm there is a really good book somewhere on intimacy."

The girls were still busy looking through the shop giving Kakashi a chance to pick up a small book. He returned to the desk, "Here Kazekage. This is what I recommend."

He took the book and looked at the title, 'Intimacy: A Guide.' "Hn."

Finally, the girls were finished with their shopping. They brought their items up to Kakashi and smiled at each other. "Alright Kakashi-sensei, we're finished." Sakura said excitedly.

"Already? I thought you two would take a little longer. Did you find everything?"

"Of course we did."

"That's going to look nice on you Misaki." Kakashi ventured as she handed him a blue set of lingerie.

"Thank you Kakashi-sama, hopefully my men will appreciate it."

"I'm sure they will." Kakashi gave her a wink.

Kakashi bagged their things separately then asked Gaara, "Well Kazekage, are you going to get that?"

Gaara wanted to blush, but replied, "Sure, I could use something to read."

They paid then left, the girls shouting a sweet goodbye to Kakashi.


After being sat down at the Tea House, they started talking about anything and everything. Misaki sat between the two brothers while talking to Sakura and Lee about the food. "So is there food good?"

"So good!" Sakura replied.

"So what do you recommend?"

"Their sushi is really good. There ramen is good as well. It depends what you want Misaki. Usually everything is good."

After they all ordered they began to talk about the next phase, which was to talk to doctor. Gaara noticed that Misaki leaned more into him when they talked about the specifics, which made him shut Lee up. He was sure that Misaki still had negative emotions and feelings. They saw their food being brought to their table.

Their food was rather good. Misaki ate slow as she heard the others talk. They talked about training and what they would be doing. Misaki watched Lee and Sakura laugh with each other. She noted how they seemed really good for each other. She hoped that in the future that she would be able to have a great relationship like Sakura and Lee.


After their dinner, Sakura and Lee bid the three goodbye, giving Kankuro, Gaara, and Misaki some more time to themselves. They walked along Konoha's streets, making their way to the apartment. Misaki had been mostly silent on the way back making Gaara wonder what she was thinking about.

Once getting back to their apartment, Misaki disappeared into the bathroom making Gaara feel even more concerned. "Do you think she is okay?" He asked Kankuro.

"Probably putting on her new lingerie." Kankuro replied as he took off his shirt and sat on the bed.

Gaara smiled, "Sakura and her had a time picking out their things."

Kankuro flashed a smile back, "I think they will be great friends."

The two stopped talking as the door to the bathroom opened revealing Misaki in sexy light blue pair of lingerie. "Well...do you like?"

The two smiled at her. "Kami yeah." Kankuro said as she walked into the room.

"You look so beautiful." Gaara commented as she walked up to him and sat on his lap, making him feel hot for her.

"Well, are we going to do anything? We have plenty of work to do tomorrow."

Chapter Nine:

Kankuro, Gaara, and Misaki had decided to go to the training fields the next day and begin Misaki's training. Kankuro placed his scrolls on the ground as he watched Misaki sit down on the grass. "Alright Misaki, we are going to start with learning how to focus your chakra in your fingers and create strings to attach to your puppet."

"I thought I was going to learn with Crow." Misaki replied.

Kankuro smiled at her, "No baby. Don't you remember?"

"Obviously not...remember what?"

He laughed then took one of his scrolls and muttered something. In a flash of smoke, a life-sized female puppet appeared. "Remember when I had you pose for me?"

"Now I do."

"Well I decided after you asked me to teach you that I would give her to you."

She stood up to fully look at the puppet and said, "Thank you Kankuro."

"So what do you think of her?" Kankuro asked.

Misaki eyed the puppet. She had long silky black hair, three eyes like Crow's, curved lips and face and body. She had two sets of arms like Crow, but they were more curvy. She was dressed in a white and blue short kimono with short sleeves. "She's beautiful and amazing. What's her name?"

"I was going to ask you that." He replied.

"Hmmm...how about Dove?"

Kankuro smiled, "Crow and Dove. I like that."

She smiled back at him then sat down once more. "So Kankuro...teach me."

Time passed when one was learning. Misaki learned to focus her chakra towards her fingers, but still could not produce an adequate string, which only made her angrier as she tried to continue. "I totally suck Kankuro."

Kankuro couldn't help a slight chuckle come out. He understood her anxiousness and frustration. "It's so not funny."

"I know babe. Believe me, I remember having to learn this." Kankuro admitted to her.

"I just feel like a fool...you know?"

He gently placed his hands under hers. "It will get easier. This is day one remember? Don't expect so much of yourself."

"But Kankuro...what if I never get this? Dove will be an invalid puppet."

Kankuro chuckled slightly again, but stopped when she glared at him. "I know you are concerned Misaki, but don't worry. I have faith that you will be a great puppeteer like I am...and no...Dove will not remain invalid."

Misaki smiled at him then asked, "What time is it? Don't we have to meet Lord Hokage?"

Gaara intervened, "It's almost lunch. Knowing Naruto he will be eating before we have an important meeting."

"How about we go to lunch then meet him?" Kankuro suggested.

"Sounds great." Misaki added.

"Then let's go." Gaara agreed.


After their lunch, they met Naruto at his office. Misaki sat on a chair opposite Naruto as he started, "Are you ready? This may be a little hard for you Misaki."

Misaki nodded. "I'm ready Lord Hokage."

She wanted to confront the doctor that she had met a few years ago. Sakura and a man entered with two guards behind them. Misaki eyed the doctor as he was forced to sit five feet away from her. She felt her stomach churn as she looked at the doctor. Her eyes narrowed on him. "You realize why you are here." Naruto started. "Miss Fujima was attacked by two rapists and you are the only doctor that attended to her."

"Lord Hokage, I have no information on them." He responded.

"What a load of crap!" Sakura shouted.

Naruto held up a hand to silence his friend. "We know you were their primary associate. Either tell us or you will be locked up."

"I don't know where they are located."

Misaki couldn't keep her anger in anymore. She stood up, interrupting the interrogation and punched the doctor in his face. "You son of a bitch! How dare you! I was there! Don't you lie!"

"Misaki." Naruto tried to calm her, but knew that she was going to continue her rage and she had a right to.

"No! I heard him! I heard him say that he couldn't do it anymore but they convinced him! Stop protecting them you bastard!" She had pulled her arm back to slap him but Gaara had caught her hand and pulled her firmly against his hard body. She wanted to be strong and nonemotional...but she couldn't. Misaki felt tears fall down her cheeks as she buried her head into his chest. She felt the muscles of his arms flex around her body.

For a moment she felt as if the world had disappeared and that she and Gaara were the only ones. He dipped his head near her ear and whispered, "I believe you love." He paused, restating, "we believe you." His hand cupped her head and held her against his body. He then narrowed his eyes and glared directly at his first enemy, "Understand that if you do not tell us who these bastards are that you will not be safe anywhere...especially Suna."

"I don't know where they are!" The doctor tried to convince him but the Kazekage knew better.

"Naruto, let me explain something to this bastard. You see this beautiful woman in my arms. She is the future Lady of Suna." He heard Sakura gasp, assuming that she was surprised at the announcement. "I want to resolve this crime against her before I marry her and if it isn't...let us just say that I will make your life a living hell."

There was a silence...a long deep silence that lasted for a few minutes. "They are outside Konoha. About a day's worth."

"From what I understand," Naruto butted in, "you saved her clothing."

"Medic nins and doctors are required to save clothing from attacks and rapes."

"If you will excuse us Naruto." Gaara interrupted as he led Misaki out of the room with Kankuro following them.


Misaki could not breathe. She was finally in their apartment between the two brothers. Her emotional state was in a better way, but she felt strange to be between the two brothers again. Gaara murmured, "I enjoyed watching you hit him."

Kankuro added, "That was hilarious."

Misaki blushed then said, "Thank you."

Gaara took her lips, surprising her. She felt his tongue enter her mouth, caressing her tongue as she pushed back against his lips. Gaara signalled his brother to take off her clothes. Misaki felt Kankuro kiss her neck softly as he grasped the bottom of her shirt and pulled it off, interrupting their kissing momentarily. His fingers expertly unhooked her bra and let it fall off her body. She felt Gaara claim her lips again before pushing her against Kankuro and saying, "Sit on the bed Kankuro. Let her sit on your lap."

Kankuro pulled her with him to the bed and sat down on the edge of the bed. Misaki sat down on Kankuro's lap. She could feel his hard member pressing against her ass. Oh...it felt so good. His mouth was pressing against her neck as his firm fingers went to her waist, pulling at her short skirt. Gaara took off his over clothes and pulled down his pants to reveal his hard cock. Kami, he was hot for her. He loved her, loved her body...hell he loved everything about her.

"Remember how we do this?" Gaara questioned her.

Misaki looked up at her future husband. "Of course."

Gaara stared at his brother and said, "Take her from behind."

"Bend over baby." Kankuro whispered as she stood up and bent over for Kankuro. He stood up, pulled her panties aside, and thrust suddenly into her behind. It felt good, so good...he loved the feeling of her tight ass surrounding his cock was amazing. Kankuro wrapped his strong arms around her waist and pulled her on the bed and on top of him.

Gaara climbed over the two, his cock hard and begging to thrust into her core. He place his hands on either side of the two and stared into her dark blue eyes as he pushed quickly into her body. He set the rhythm for all three of them. It was hard and fast, the kind of sex his body appreciated and wanted. His ears took in gasps and pleasurable moans from his partner. He watched his brother caress her breasts as she moaned, her eyes half-lidded as she looked at Gaara. He could hear her begging him to thrust harder, Kami it felt good to hear her beg. Gaara felt her body contract around his member, squeezing around his cock. He heard her moan loudly as her body shook and bucked against both of them. His body could not hold it in anymore and released in her quivering body. Kami, it felt great to be with her.

After the three rearranged themselves on the bed, Misaki cuddled against her future husband's body and kissed his neck then murmured, "I love you."

Gaara smiled as she kept kissing him and cuddling against him. "I love you too Misaki."

He nuzzled his head against her breasts as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Their bodies were entangled and for once Misaki felt as if she didn't have a care in the world. She then fell asleep in the arms of her future husband.

Chapter Ten:

Naruto signed the last of his papers as he waited for Sakura and one of the Anbu Black Ops to come in with the four people he had requested. He heard Sakura clear her throat to get his attention. "Everyone's here Naruto." And they were. In the room, Shino, Kiba and Akamaru, Neji, and Lee had arrived. He trusted these four with his life...heck he trusted everyone he knew from the old days with his life, but he knew that he needed each and every one of these four to find the bastards who raped Misaki.

"I trust you all have read the letters that I have sent you yesterday?" Naruto asked.

"Yep." Kiba acknowledged.

"Lee, Neji, and Sakura know a bit more than you and Shino do. I am going to try to explain what is going on without going too much in detail. You all know Gaara, the Kazekage of Suna?" The four nodded acknowledging that they knew him. "His future wife, Misaki, was raped in Konaha about three years ago...by two jonin who have ran from justice. She deserves justice. I need you four to find these bastards and bring them back to Konaha."

"But why us?" Kiba questioned.

Naruto smiled, "Kiba, you and Akamaru have the best tracking jutsu. I have her clothes from three years ago. You may be able to get a scent. Shino, I know you and your bugs will be able to find these bastards. Overall, I just trust you all."

"We'll get on it Naruto!" Lee shouted.

"I know you will find them." Naruto said as he smiled at them.


"Ooooh!" Misaki shouted as she felt like giving up. She had finally made chakra strings but they were not the perfectly thin chakra strings like Kankuro's. Her's were coming out thick and wobbly looking.

"Calm down. You're trying too hard." Kankuro told her.

"But I want to do this." Misaki replied as she shrugged her shoulders and felt like giving up.

"You are Misaki. Like I said, you can't expect too much of yourself."

Misaki felt bad though, "But I want to make my strings perfect and move Dove like you can move Crow."

"I know you are dedicated to learning puppet jutsu, but you have to give yourself a break. You will get it. Suna wasn't built in a day and learning a particular type of jutsu isn't done in a day either."

She huffed and crossed her arms. "I know."

"Let's take a break." Kankuro suggested.

"Ok." Misaki agreed as she stood up and dusted herself off then joined Kankuro. She felt as if she was a failure, but could not reveal her feelings to Kankuro. She could not let him think that she was obsessing over her failure.

"Listen Misaki, I know you are a perfectionist, but you will get puppet jutsu. It just takes a while. Trust me. I did not wake up the puppet master I am one day. You know?" Kankuro said to her as he slung the scrolls to summon Crow and Dove over his shoulders.

Was she that readable? "I know Kankuro. I only want to make you proud." Misaki admitted.

"You do." He paused then told her, "You make me so proud."

She smiled, "Thanks Kankuro. I feel better."

"Good. Let's go find Gaara."


Gaara was in Naruto's office. They were both being informed by one of Shino's insects that the team had caught their intended targets. It seemed to be an easier mission than they thought. Currently the two jonin were being transferred to Konoha by the four ninja. It was probably going to take four to six hours to return due to the mission's status.

Naruto finally said, "They have been caught."

"Yes," Gaara acknowledged.

"What are you going to do when Misaki has to face them?"

"She deserves to face them and deserves justice."

"What about her emotions? She seemed pretty emotional when dealing with the doctor." Naruto questioned his friend.

"She deserves to be emotional." Gaara murmured as he glared at Naruto. "They hurt her and raped her."

"I know she does."

"When they are brought in, I want to see them. She deserves to have these bastards put away for what they did."

"I know." Naruto agreed. "So you are going to marry her?"

"Yes. I love her." Gaara responded.

Naruto smiled at his friend, "I can tell. You've changed, if you don't mind me saying."

Gaara looked at his friend and commented, "You think? I never thought I would get married, but I want to have a child with her. I want to be with her everyday."

"You'll make me your best man right?"

Gaara smiled, "Sure Naruto." He paused as he thought of Misaki, "Let me go tell her the news."

"Oh Gaara." Naruto interrupted him.


"Let her face them tomorrow."

Gaara nodded. "I will."


"They...they caught them?" Misaki asked in disbelief.

"I know you are in shock, but we will face them tomorrow. Together." Gaara explained to her as he sat next to her, trying to comfort her.

"What, you think I do not have a mind!" Misaki shouted.

Gaara pulled her against his body, his hard muscles flexed around her waist as she gasped loudly. "Misaki, you cannot go there alone. They will reap terrors on your mind that you don't deserve."

She laid her head against his chest and sighed, her anger suddenly deflated, "I know, but it is so unfair."

"I know baby." Gaara responded as he held her to him. "You didn't deserve that, but I will be with you and so will Kankuro. We will not let anything happen to you."

She nodded in agreement but, nonetheless felt defeated. Misaki hoped when facing her rapists that she would have enough strength to tell them what she truly thought of them.

Chapter Eleven:

Misaki felt torn between her emotions and her duty to keep her mind when seeing her two rapists. It was hard though. She felt her anger build up in her body as they approached Naruto's office. The air was thick with seriousness. Gaara murmured softly in her ear as they neared the door of Naruto's office. "Be calm." He didn't need to tell her, but she didn't tell him that.

When they entered the room, they found the two rapists sitting in front of the Hokage's desk. "Hello Misaki." Naruto greeted her.

"Hello Lord Hokage." She greeted.

"If you will come over here we can do this quickly." Naruto said as the three entered. The door closed behind them making her jump slightly.

Kami she felt uncomfortable, but now she noticed that there were five more people besides Naruto and her rapists in the room. Sakura was there, as well as Lee and Neji, however she did not recognize the other two that were behind her rapists. One had a big dog beside him. She wanted to reach out and touch the dog's fur. As she walked up to the Hokage's desk she was introduced to everyone, "Misaki, you know Lee, Neji, and Sakura, but you have failed to meet the other two; Shino and Kiba with Akamaru, his dog." Akamaru barked. "Excuse me, partner."

"From what I understand you are the gentlemen who captured my rapists." Misaki said.

"Yep." Kiba replied.

"Thank you all so much." She thanked them.

"It was no problem Misaki!" Lee shouted.

Misaki smiled at Lee. "Um...Kiba. Do you mind if I hug Akamaru?"

Kiba tilted his head like a dog would. "I don't mind, but ask Akamaru."

"Oops. Sorry. Do you mind Akamaru?"

Akamaru barked again. "He said he doesn't mind." Kiba explained.

Misaki walked up to the white dog and gently hugged him around his huge neck. She felt her anger disappear as she stroked his fur. It felt good under her fingers. She stood back after gently kissing him on his forehead. "Thank you Akamaru." He barked once more.

"Akamaru said you're welcome." Kiba explained.

She went to Naruto's desk and stood behind it, staring at the two rapists. Everything came back to her as she saw their faces. "Let's get started." Naruto held up the papers showing everyone how thick it was. "We're here to charge these two men in front of me for the rape of Misaki Fujima." Naruto paused as he put down the papers and said, "Do you two have anything to say to her before I sentence you myself?"

Gaara and Kankuro stood beside Misaki as she stared at the two rapists. They all waited for them to say something. "The bitch deserved it." The first said.

She gasped as the second laughed, "She was waiting for it."

"Shut your mouths!" Gaara roared. "How dare you say something like that about her!"

"An eye for an eye, eh Lord Kazekage." Shino added.

They were surprised he spoke finally. "Exactly." Gaara agreed.

"Is there anything you wish to say to these cowards?" Naruto questioned Misaki.

"Yes. I want to say that I forgive them." Everyone in the room was shocked at this. "I will never forget, but I have found it in myself to forgive them. For so many years since I was raped I felt anger and now I can let it go. I hope you find justice." She paused then said, "If you don't mind Lord Hokage, I need to leave."

"Of course not." Naruto said then watched as she, Gaara, and Kankuro left the room.


A week later Misaki, Gaara, and Kankuro were preparing for the trip home. Misaki felt slightly sad to leave all the friends she made. However, Gaara and herself had to plan their wedding. Then afterwards they would go back to Konoha for their honeymoon. They were planning to meet Naruto at the city's gate. It was so hard to leave.

After packing and travelling to the gate they found Naruto waiting for them. "It's good to see you three. I can't believe you're leaving!" Naruto shouted.

Gaara smiled. "I have to go back. I am Kazekage."

Naruto smiled back. "I know Gaara. We're going to miss you." He paused, "Misaki, I am glad that we could resolve everything for you."

"Thank you Lord Hokage."

"I wish you would call me Naruto. After all you are going to be the Lady of Suna soon."

"Oh...Okay Naruto." Misaki replied with a blush.

Gaara couldn't help but smile as he wrapped a strong arm around his future wife. "We'll definitely let you know when the wedding is. We still have to plan it."

"I know. Well goodbye!" Naruto replied with a wave.

"Goodbye Naruto!" The three chorused as they started on their journey.


Three Days Later

Temari hugged her two brothers and Misaki as she asked, "How was the trip?"

"Great." Gaara responded.

"Did you find those bastards?"

"Yep. They have been put away for their crimes and we have news."

"We're getting married!" Misaki replied.

Temari squeeled and hugged Misaki again. "Eeeh! We gotta go and look for a dress. We have so much to plan!"

Gaara mouthed 'we' at Kankuro as if he was questioning his brother.

"I know!" Misaki responded.

'Let them have their fun,' Kankuro mouthed back.

So Kankuro and Gaara watched the two women go off to the marketplace to start planning the wedding. He knew he would have a place in the plans, where, he didn't know yet.

Chapter Twelve:

Six Months Later

Misaki looked at herself in the mirror as Sakura and Temari stood behind her. Today was the day. She would be married to Gaara within the hour. She eyed herself in the mirror. Her black hair was combed straight and was slightly above her waist. On her head was a silver tiara with three blue gems. The one in the center was larger than the other two. Her dress was white with blue trimmings. It had thin straps with long see through light blue sleeves while the waist had the same see through material that flared around her body. She hoped that Gaara would enjoy her dress. "Are you ready Misaki?" Sakura questioned her.

She turned around to face her friend. "As I ever will be."

"Everything will be fine." Temari assured her.

"I know. I only want to please Gaara."


There was a silence in the hall as the bride approached her groom. On Gaara's side; Naruto was the best man, Kankuro was next in line, then there was Lee, Neji, Kiba, Shino, and Shikamaru. On Misaki's side; Sakura was the Maid of Honor, then there was Hinata, Ino, Tenten, and Temari. Kakashi was in the seat watching the entire process.

Misaki finally made it to the end of the hall where Gaara waited for her. Finally the priest spoke, "Please join hands." Gaara took her hand as the priest continued, "Today, we all are here to witness the marriage of Gaara no Sabaku, Lord Kazekage to Misaki Fujima, our new lady of Suna. If you will, my Lord, please repeat after me." The priest paused as he turned the page in his book, "I, Gaara no Sabaku, take Misaki Fujima in sickness and health, through good times and bad, and promise to love her for as long as she may live."

"I, Gaara no Sabaku, take Misaki Fujima in sickness and health, through good times and bad, and promise to love her for as long as she may live." Gaara repeated faithfully.

The priest turned to Misaki and said, "Repeat after me please. I, Misaki Fujima, take Gaara no Sabaku in sickness and health, through good times and bad, and promise to love him for as long as he may live."

"I, Misaki Fujima, take Gaara no Sabaku in sickness and health, through good times and bad, and promise to love him for as long as he may live." Misaki repeated.

"If there are any objections to this union, please make them known." The priest announced as they waited for a few minutes. There were no objections. "Very well, the rings." Naruto stepped forward with a pillow that had two golden rings. "Please place them on each other's fingers." Gaara and Misaki did as they were told. "Lord Kazekage, you may kiss your bride."

Gaara smiled as he leaned in and kissed Misaki fully on the lips. Everyone cheered as they kept kissing, then pulled back. "May I present Lord Kazekage and the new Lady of Suna."

Misaki took her husband's arm as they walked down the aisle. All around her she heard cheering. She felt very happy and couldn't wait to have their reception.


As they entered the dining hall, Misaki and Gaara heard more cheering. They sat down in their chairs and waited for their food to arrive. Naruto clanked his fork against his glass to get the attention of everyone. Once he got everyone's attention he stood up and said, "I would like to make a toast. To Gaara and Misaki, I hope that your marriage is a blessed one and we hope to see the patter of little feet soon." Everyone laughed as they raised their glasses.

Conversation began as soon as the dinner came out. After they ate their dinner, Gaara and Misaki stood up and cut a piece of their wedding cake, which was a beautiful white with blue trimming, and fed it to each other. A piece of the wedding cake was then served to everyone.

After eating the cake, Misaki and Gaara danced to the music. Misaki never felt so happy as in her husband's arms. She heard her husband whisper, 'I love you' to her as they danced closely. She leaned her head against his shoulder, wanting the moment to last forever.

Finally, the dancing end and Misaki had to through the bouquet. The center of the dining hall was cleared for the women to get in the middle. Misaki asked, "Are you ready?"

"Yes!" All the women shouted.

Temari and the other married women stayed behind in their seats. Misaki turned around and threw the bouquet over her head. She heard a hustle as all the women tried to reach for it. In the end Hinata caught it. Everyone cheered as Hinata blushed and Naruto shouted, "Well I guess Hinata and I are next!"

Gaara laughed softly. After another half hour of cheering, Gaara and Misaki left the dining hall for Gaara's home.


Gaara watched as Misaki sorted through a bag and picked out a sexy undergarment to wear. She asked, "Would you unzip the back of my dress?"

"Of course." Gaara answered as he unzipped the back of her dress.

She smiled at him, "Thanks sweety." She then walked off to the bathroom, leaving him to his thoughts.

Gaara took off his robes until his chest was bare and he only wore his white pants. He sat on the edge of the bed waiting for her to return.

She came out in a short, white, almost see-through slip. "What do you think?"

"You look beautiful." He replied.

"Thank you Gaara." Misaki thanked him as she gently leaned forward and kissed his lips. He kissed back harshly as he wrapped his strong arms around her body. She smiled into their kiss while gently placing her hands on his chest. "I love you so much and am so proud to be your wife."

Gaara smirked. Kami, he was more than proud, he was lucky to have Misaki. "Babe, I feel the exact same way about you." He paused as he thought for a few minutes on how to tell her that tonight he wanted her to be the dominate woman he knew she could be. "Tonight I want you on top."


"Yes. You're the bride, it's your night."

"Well if you're sure."

She pushed him on his back, causing him to gasp softly. He forgot how domineering she could be sometimes. Kami he loved it though. She spread his bent legs and gently placed a kiss on his lips, then on his chin, on his neck, on his chest, on his stomach, and finally at the hem of his white pants. "Mmm." Gaara murmured as he felt her kiss back upwards to his chest.

She stopped at the center of his chest and said, "I wish I was perfect for you."

"Baby, you are plenty perfect for me. Don't worry about the past. It's time to focus on the future."

She smiled at him then kissed him on his lips again. She kissed along his neck, softly sucking on the flesh while hearing him groan in pleasure. Her mouth traveled along his chest. Her tongue licking along his nipple, causing him to grasp her black hair in a tight grip. He felt her teeth on his flesh as she nipped gently. He laughed softly while saying, "You naughty bride."

Misaki lifted her head. "Don't like my love?"

"Fuck I am enjoying thoroughly. Don't stop." Gaara encouraged. She smiled at him as she kissed over to his other nipple and sucked on the nub momentarily before kissing back down towards his pants. Her hands went to the hem of his white pants and gently began to pull them down until his member was revealed. His hand was still in her long hair as she took his cock reverently in her hands. "Don't tease." He told her as she looked up at him.

"Remember that later." She murmured while stroking his long member with her fingers.

He would. At least, he would try. Gaara gripped her hair in a fist as she continued to stroke his member, only at a faster pace. She then finally lowered her head near his cock. He felt a little shocked when she began to lick up the side of his cock, but forgot it when the pleasure settled in. Gaara felt her tongue slowly lick up the side of his cock then finally her mouth slipped over the head of his hardened cock. Kami...it felt good. Granted she was unexperienced in giving him head, she was learning well.

Gaara felt her take him as far a she could go and stroke the rest of his member. He loved his wife and he planned to return the favor. His lips opened in a lengthy moan as he arched his hips and forced her head further down. Her tongue and lips were so good and felt so sweet that he couldn't help but grasp the back of her head as he bucked into her mouth. She drank his seed as he shook slightly and grasped her hair.

Misaki pulled back and licked her lips. After Gaara took in a few breaths she asked him, "Did I do well?"

"Of course. Now it's your turn baby." He didn't bother to wait for her to lay down. Instead, he flipped her over on her stomach and watched as she looked back at him in surprise. "I need you...so bad."

She smiled then replied, "Go ahead Gaara."

His mouth moved to the back of her neck and gently kissed while his hands slipped under her body and grasped her breasts as he positioned his cock before her hole. She felt him thrust into her body. The pressure of his body was welcome against hers. She pushed her behind against his hips, making him groan from the action. "Tease." He said loudly as he moved one hand to grasp the sheets and give him something to help him create a rhythm.

"Mmm." Was her response.

He laughed as he kept thrusting into her body and bit down on her shoulder as she moaned from his ministrations. "Keep pushing baby!" He growled in her ear, liking that she was grinding against his hips. His other hand moved between her legs, fingers pushing between her slit and feeling wetness coat her fingers. "Kami you feel so good." He murmured in her ear. She pushed back as he pistoned against her body. He kept thrusting until he felt her contract around his cock. His hard cock feeling almost ready to explode. Her body contracted around him once more and he felt her shake suddenly. Her shaking body caused him to spill his seed and make him groan in pleasure. He collapsed on her moments later.

A few minutes later, Gaara rolled on his back while pulling her on top of his body. "Mmm..." She groaned, trying to sleep.

Gaara smiled as he stroked her hair. Kami, he felt lucky. So lucky. Misaki was going to be a great wife and an even better mother. He tucked his chin over her head and fell asleep feeling very happy.

Chapter Thirteen:

Ten Months Later

Gaara was waiting patiently outside the room his wife was in. She was currently in labor. Sakura and Naruto had come down from Konoha to see the birth of the baby. He was looking forward to it. Sakura had come down a month ago while Naruto had come a week ago. He smiled as he remembered the day he learned of her pregnancy.


He was in his office, looking at papers while listening to Kankuro talk but really not listening. He heard a knock on the door and glanced towards the door as it opened. Gaara smiled as his wife walked in the office with a bright smile on her face. "Hello Gaara."

"Hello Misaki. You look happy." He noted as she sat on his lap.

"I'm very happy. You should be too. Do you want to know why?"

"Of course." Gaara responded.

"Well...i'm pregnant." She said excitedly.

"What?!" He looked at her with a pair of surprised eyes.

"Yes. I found out today!"

Gaara kissed her deeply then smiled again. Kankuro interrupted, "That's great. I knew that Gaara would have a baby soon."

"I haven't had the baby yet Kankuro." Misaki said as she smiled at the puppeteer.

"We have to tell Temari and celebrate."

"Already did. Hope you don't mind." She addressed Gaara.

"I don't mind love." All he could think of was a baby in the future.


Gaara smiled, but his smile disappeared as he heard Misaki scream from the room. He was not allowed in the birthing room. No male was allowed in the birthing room. Not until the birthing was over. He was worried to tell the truth. He could hear Kankuro tapping the edge of his chair in boredom while Naruto paced around. It had been four hours since Misaki had went into labor. He heard another scream and then a wail of a baby. He felt relief flood his body, thinking it was over. However, it wasn't. He heard another wail about thirty seconds later. Could it be? Naruto voiced his thoughts, "Twins?"

"Sakura will tell us." Gaara responded, but he was thinking the same thing. He wanted to barge in and see what was going on, however, he could not. They waited for about ten more minutes before Sakura opened the door and looked at the three men.

"You can come in now."

"How is Misaki?" Gaara asked.

"She is doing well, but come in and see for yourself." Sakura replied.

The three followed her into the room and found Misaki laying on a bed while holding two babies in her arms. She smiled tiredly at Gaara as he neared the bed. He looked at the babies a bit closely, they had his red hair and from what he could tell, his jade eyes. "What do you know." Naruto commented. "They look just like you Gaara." He then slapped him on the back.

"Yeah. What gender are they Sakura?"

"Male and female. Congratulations Lord Kazekage." Sakura answered.

"What should we name them?" Misaki intervened.

"Well...I've been thinking. Are you sure you want me to name them?" Gaara asked her.

"You're their father. Besides, you are the Kazekage."

"Well, Minoru and Megumi."

She smiled, "Perfect names."

He smiled at her as she offered Megumi to him. "Would you like to hold her?"

Gaara nodded and took the small infant from his wife. Megumi was such a beautiful little girl. She had a tiny amount of red hair on her head and her eyes were his own color. A beautiful shade of jade green. He couldn't help but smile widely as she grasped his forefinger of his left hand with her tiny hand. He heard Misaki yawn loudly. "Tired love?"

"Yes." Misaki admitted.

"I gave her a pill to sleep off some of the pain. I can watch the babies for you Lord Kazekage." Sakura intervened.

He nodded to her. "Do you mind taking Megumi with Sakura, Kankuro?"

"No. Not at all." Kankuro replied as he took his little niece from his brother. He cooed at her as Sakura took Minoru from Misaki.

"If you all don't mind, I am going to lay down with my wife." Gaara announced.

"See you soon." Kankuro said with a wave. Naruto followed Sakura and shut the door behind him.

Gaara took off his Kazekage robe and draped it over a chair. He smiled as she turned on her side to face him. He laid beside her and wrapped his arm beside her. "Their perfect."

She laughed softly, "Is that because they look like you?"

He laughed as well. "No. Though they are going to be perceived as my perfect identical children."

"Whatever the perception is, they were made with your help Gaara and they are beautiful." Misaki told him then yawned.


"And in pain." She replied with a laugh. "All I want to do is sleep and cuddle up against you."

He smiled, "Well, go ahead love." She laid her head on his chest and soon drifted off to sleep. Gaara smiled as he watched his wife. All he did was watch her sleep, then finally drifting off to sleep.


5 Years Later

"Daddy!" Megumi cried out as she held her arms out to Gaara.

Gaara picked up the small girl and hugged her to him. She hugged her father as he said, "Megumi, have you been a good girl?"

"Yes Daddy." She replied as he stroked her long red hair.

He looked up to see Misaki holding Minoru's hand. She was pregnant again and was about 7 months pregnant. Minoru walked beside her slowly, trying to keep her from going to fast for her condition. He was a lot like his father in the sense that he wanted to keep her safe. "Hi Father." Minoru greeted his father.

"Hello Minoru. Have you kept an eye on your mother?"


"Really, I am fine. Your sister or brother is only causing me a little trouble." Misaki added.

"Mama you should be careful." Megumi advised.

"Don't worry. I will Megumi."

"Go on and play with your brother." Gaara told his daughter as he set her down on the ground.

Misaki and Gaara watched as the two played with each other in the playground. "Your child is kicking."

"At least we know that he or she will have strong legs." Gaara returned playfully.

Misaki snorted with laughter. "Oh you." She leaned her head against his shoulder, but felt him wrap his arms around her waist.

"I love you and you know what I tell you everyday." He paused and whispered in her ear, "They're perfect."

"I love you too." She replied as she leaned into his embrace. "And let me remind you, I had help."

They stood there watching the children. Gaara lay his hands on her stomach, thinking of the future and what was to come. Misaki couldn't feel any happier to be with her husband.

The End

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Title: Trip into the Past
Author: Pyrite
Rating: M
Warnings: M/F, M/F/M, Lemon, Rape, and Pregnancy
Pairings: Gaara/OC, Kankuro/OC, Gaara/OC/Kankuro
Disclaimer: Naruto and certain characters are copyright Masashi Kishimoto. Misaki is the only character copyright myself.
Summary: Sequel to Between Brothers. Misaki goes back to Konoha to face the past and to regain her confidence and chakra back. Kankuro and Gaara are wanting to help her regain back what she lost and in the end one of them want to marry her.
Author's Notes: Yep...I told you that I would make a sequel. This involves some of our other favorite characters...though not as the rapists of course. There will be sex of course. Though the sex will not be the story of course. Between Brothers was intended to be smut, but it evolved. I hope you enjoy.

Chapter One:

She grasped Kankuro's hand for comfort as they walked a path into the main part of Konoha. Kankuro squeezed back, "It's okay babe."

"Old memories...and none too good." Misaki whispered as they headed to their temporary apartment.

"It's alright Misaki. We are almost to our apartment. When we get there you can rest."

She smiled. "Rest huh? I know what that means."

Kankuro smiled back, "You mentioned it baby."

She giggled then said, "I'm a little jealous of Crow."

"Hmm? Why?"

"Because you carry him all the time. I want that kind of attention." Misaki explained.

"Babe, once we get to our apartment I will give you whatever attention you want." Kankuro said as he held her hand tightly.

"I know you will...I'm trying not to think of the past."

"You have to face the past Misaki. I know it's difficult, but you have to." Kankuro replied as she looked at him and grasped his hand harder.

"You are right of course." Misaki acknowledged.

"Of course I am." He said jokingly. "Babe, you just have to let it go." He looked down at her as she walked quietly. "Of course, what am I talking about? I've never had that experience. But know i'm here to support you."

"I know you will be there for me. You are always good."

"Yep...I know."

"Talk about ego."

Kankuro wrapped his arm around her waist, "Baby, believe me, I am too good. Now let's find our apartment so I can prove it."


Misaki watched Kankuro put Crow on the floor as she turned on the hot water in the shower. "Are you taking a shower?"

She took off her tan-colored vest and threw it in the floor. "Yep."

"Well let me come in with you babe. I've been wanting to take a shower with you." Kankuro admitted as she smiled at him.

"Let me prepare the shower."

Kankuro smiled as he followed her in the bathroom and began to take off his clothes in the process. He watched her take off her skirt and undergarments as the vapor rose over the shower. She smiled as he fully undressed. He watched as she bent back over and pulled the stopper to start the shower. "Is it ready?"


"Good." Kankuro murmured as she stepped into the shower and cast him a look that invited him behind her. She stood underneath the showerhead and let the water massage her softly. Kankuro closed the curtain and pulled her body against his. His arms wrapped around her waist as she smiled to herself. Misaki turned around in his arms and kissed his lips. She moaned in the kiss as he smiled inwardly. Her arms snaked around his neck, her fingers pushing him down to the tub's floor as she straddled his lap in a sitting position. "Oh yeah baby. I'm liking this." He murmured in her ear.

Misaki smiled as she pushed Kankuro on his back and said, "I think you will like this then." She grasped his member and sank down on it with a loud groan. Kankuro placed his hands on her hips, forcing her hips to meet his in a harsh thrust. He grunted loudly as she bounced up and down against his hips, her moans increased as he reached up and grasped her breasts. The warm water slid down their bodies merely making their encounter more hotter. "Kankuro...oh!" She cried out for him. "A little more." She grasped one of his thighs as he squeezed her breasts slightly. Misaki heard him murmur 'yeah baby' before she felt her body shake suddenly and her body explode over his. Kankuro felt her orgasm break over his body as she collapsed on top of him. His own orgasm occurin a moment later.

After a few minutes of resting on the bottom of the tub Misaki stood up and began to wash herself of her sweat. Kankuro stood up and wrapped his arms around her waist as he kissed her neck and whispered, "That was good. Want to do some more?"

Misaki smiled to herself, "How about on the bed?"

"Okay babe. I can wait." He replied as he pressed his prominent member into her behind.


After another round of sex, Misaki fell into a deep sleep. Her mind took her back in time when she was 15...

"See you later Misaki!" Her clan members shouted as they left the ramen shop.

"Okay!" She shouted back then ordered one more bowl. After doing so she walked to the door to look at the stars then heard the old man shout her order. She went back and took her chopsticks, slurping down her bowl of ramen.

After paying the man she went to the door and left the building. She had walked five feet when she felt her body become weak. Misaki made it to an alley and heard two voices behind her. "I knew she would be easy."

"Yeah, she won't put up a fight...."


Misaki screamed as she felt someone shake her awake. When her eyes finally snapped open she saw red hair and jade eyes. "Gaara..."

She felt him climb over her body and whisper softly in her ear, "Did you have a nightmare?"

She nodded as her arms snaked around his neck and she closed her eyes, trying not to remember the dream. "What are you doing here? I thought you were going to remain behind for a week."

"I decided to leave Temari in charge for a while." Gaara explained.

"Oh." Misaki replied as she opened her eyes.

"Sleep for a while. Tomorrow we will talk to the Hokage. I know him personally." Gaara told her as she moved between the two brothers. Gaara wrapped his right arm around her waist and kissed her neck. "I'm...we're here."

Chapter Two:

Gaara stroked Misaki's black hair as he, Misaki, and Kankuro approached Naruto's office. He knew she was nervous meeting the Hokage, however, he had reassured her that the Hokage was a personal friend. She still seemed nervous though. Gaara grasped her hand and tightly squeezed it. The genin in front of them lead them into Naruto's office then left them alone. "Hey Gaara!"

"Hi Naruto." Gaara replied softly as Naruto clapped him on his back.

Naruto offered the three seats then sat in his chair behind his desk. "What brings you back to Konoha?"

"We have serious business Naruto." Gaara replied as his jade eyes stared into the Hokage's blue one's.

"Very well. How can I help you?"

"My friend here, Misaki, was raped in Konoha, several years ago."

Naruto looked at Misaki as he said, "I'm terribly sorry Misaki. That is one of the most terrible crimes that can happen to anyone, especially a woman."

"Thank you Lord Hokage."

"What can I do?"

"We think that there are still records of when she was at Leaf Hospital. We are trying to track down that culprits to confront them."

Naruto tapped his fingers on the desk as he thought, "We keep our records more than two years in archives. It might take a couple of days to find Misaki's records. However, I know a great medic nin who will help us greatly!"

"Who?" Gaara questioned with a hint of concern.

"Who else but Sakura Haruno. She's the best medic nin that we have and she will surely help us with all the medical mumbo jumbo that we will have to go through." Naruto explained.

Gaara nodded in approval. "Yes, from what I have experienced, she is."

"I will go ahead and have Sakura and a couple of genin help her find the records. Go ahead and tour the village until we find the records. Put everything on my tab."

"That is too much Lord Hokage." Misaki intervened.

Naruto smiled at her then said, "No it isn't. Enjoy yourself."

"Kankuro, why don't you take Misaki out while I see to the final details here."

Kankuro nodded then said to Misaki, "Come Misaki. We'll go out and look at the apparal shops."

Naruto and Gaara watched as the two left and then began discussing the finalities. "Is she your friend?" Naruto questioned, wanting to know more.

"She was my friend when I was a little child. I just got to meet her a couple months ago. I hadn't known what she had been up to." Gaara answered truthfully.

"She's more than that isn't she? Otherwise you wouldn't be doing this."

Gaara raised an eyebrow. "Naruto, you need to mind your own business."

Naruto smiled then replied, "Yeah, I probably do. So, I need her last name and village. I assume it is Sand right?"

"No. Waterfall. She only recently was accepted into our village. Her last name is Fujima."

"Waterfall? So she was your friend when you were young?"

"Naruto...just get the records. I might explain more later." Gaara told the Hokage then stood up and left him. Naruto just smiled at his old friend then proceeded to write down the information to send to Sakura.


"You only like this because it shows my thighs." Misaki said as she showed the kimono-like outfit to Kankuro.

Kankuro nodded enthusiastically.  "Yep. You know I do."

She burst out in laughter, even though she knew he was telling the truth. "I do love a man that tells the truth."

Kankuro laughed then replied, "I wouldn't lie to you babe."

"So? You think I should get it?"

"Definitely. Something sexy to surprise Gaara with...and to wear to bed."

"Very well."

After they paid for her clothes, they left the shop to find Gaara and eat. Kankuro held her bag as she took his arm and talked with him about finding Gaara. She looked up at Kankuro as he said, "You know the past is the past babe. With the help of Gaara and I, you will be able to face this Misaki. Don't worry about it babe."

She leaned against him. "I'm not. You two are my best friends. I don't know what else I could do without you two."

"Everything will be fine."

"Hm. You keep saying that Kankuro and yet I wonder if I will truly be fine." Kankuro stopped in his tracks to look at her. "I can remember bits and pieces. Will remembering everything make Gaara love me more than a friend?"

"Gaara doesn't care about your past. He only wants you to face your demons."

"Ah but your wrong Kankuro," Gaara interrupted their conversation.

"Gaara..." Misaki murmured, she was too ashamed to speak any more words knowing he had heard her words.

He pulled her harshly against his body, her face was buried in his chest as he said, "I don't have to explain my feelings to you Misaki. You are my friend."

Misaki heard his words and felt a wave of disappoint go through her. "Yes Gaara-sama."

He tilted her head upwards so she could see his eyes. "However." There was always a however with Gaara. "However, you will always be cherished Misaki because you were the only friend I had."

She sighed softly as he took her hand and replied, "I wish I could rewrite the past. I would have never come to Konoha."

"Misaki, none of us can turn back time." Kankuro intervened.

"Come Misaki. I think some training will do you good."

"What??" Kankuro and Misaki asked at the same time with surprised looks on their faces.

"I know the perfect person." Gaara told the two.

"Who?" Kankuro questioned his brother.

"You will see." He answered.


They arrived at the training field and found a man practicing on the field. The man stopped when he saw the three approaching him. "Well," the man said, "I never thought I would see the day."

Gaara smirked. "Hello Lee."

"What brings you here to Leaf Village?" He questioned Gaara.

"Personal issues." Gaara replied.


"I have a favor to ask of you Lee."

"Alright. How can I help?"

"Kankuro and I are going to see Naruto and Sakura. I was wondering if you would mind helping my friend Misaki for a while until we come back. She practices with Kankuro and myself when we are at home in Suna."

"Can she beat Kankuro?"

Gaara raised an eyebrow. "Relating to taijutsu. Definitely." Kankuro grumbled something. "Oh relax Kankuro. Each to his own."

"Well Misaki. I would love to help you."

Misaki thought that he had a kind voice and happy attitude. "Thank you."

"How long are you going to be gone?"

"For about an hour."

"Plenty of time."

"We will be back soon Misaki."


When Gaara and Kankuro entered Naruto's office again, they saw that the two were arguing. "Don't you remember anything Naruto? Last year I rearranged the archives so they were better organized. You made me do it. You couldn't find anything back then."

"Aww, Sakura. I'm busy all the time."

"Yeah, yeah. Be glad I am your medic nin Hokage-sama."

"You mean 'be glad I am your friend.'"

Sakura laughed at him as she held some files in her hands, "Oh Naruto."

Gaara coughed to interrupt the two. "Hello Gaara." Naruto greeted.

"May I ask what you two were arguing about?"

"Remember when I said it was going to take two days to find the records? I forgot Sakura had reorganized the archives."

"In other words Lord Kazekage, I found the records you requested." Sakura cut in.

"Have you read through the records?"

Sakura's eyes and face took on a serious look, "Yes...I have."

"You look as if you don't like what you have read." Kankuro murmured.

"No I don't like it simply because of what the medic nin put as the result injuries."

"What did the medic nin put down?" Gaara questioned her.

"He put down self-inflicted injury. However, that is a total lie. How can she have self-inflicted her injuries that way? It doesn't make sense. If I find that medic nin I will...CHA!"

"So what happened?"

"Well, it isn't hard to determine from the report what happened to poor Misaki. She was raped, make no doubt about that Lord Kazekage. No woman can self-inflict those kind of injuries."

"What kind of injuries are we talking about?" Naruto questioned the medic nin.

Sakura opened the report and looked at the statements. "Yes. She had wounds from some kind of a blade. The report puts knife wounds, however, if they were ninja then it could have been a weapon. Bruises." She made a clicking sound as she looked at the report. "Is there anything specific Lord Kazekage?"

"You are a medic nin Sakura. Can a rape cause someone to purposely decrease their chakra without knowing it?"

"Hmm. That is something I haven't heard of yet. I know that mentally a person is changed once raped. Sometimes a person's chakra will change." Sakura paused, "I would have to examine Misaki to see is she is self-inflicting damage on her own chakra."

"We will bring her by the hospital tomorrow." Gaara told her then turned to leave.

"Lord Kazekage, don't you want to hear the rest?" She questioned him.

"No. I will hear tomorrow."


Misaki felt Gaara's hands on her body. They had left a while back and bid Lee a farewell. She felt sore from the training she received from Lee. Gaara's mouth was on her neck as she lay on her side. Possession. That's all she was to anyone. To Gaara and Kankuro especially. However, she wanted it. She wanted to belong to someone, but was this really what she wanted? She wanted...she didn't know what she wanted anymore.

"Do you remember Misaki?" Gaara whispered in her ear.

"Yes I do." She responded.

He turned her head so she could face him. "You seem reluctant."


"About your past?"



"How strange my life is going. How uneventful."


"Just that I didn't think things would turn out the way they did."

His lips were on her neck, his mouth opened to whisper, "Forget the past."

"I...will...for you." She responded as he kept kissing her neck.


Misaki awoke feeling dazed and confused. She tried to move her hands and arms but felt bound. "She's awake. Beautiful isn't she?" One said. The voice flowed in her ears and made her body feel terribly sick.

"Where am I?" She bravely asked.

"None of your business." The other one replied rather harshly. He backhanded her roughly.

"You're our whore for the night." The one who had greeted her said.

"What? Are you crazy!"

"Shut her up." The other one said.

She felt a cloth being stuffed in her mouth. Misaki didn't want this. She didn't want to be hurt like this. 'Stop!' She screamed inwardly. 'Stop! Please!'


This time Kankuro woke her up. He shook her awake. "Hey Misaki! Wake up!"

"Please stop...Kankuro?" Misaki questioned, realizing that she was no longer dreaming.

"Babe, you were having a violent dream."

She wrapped her arms around his body and leaned her head against his chest. "I'm sorry."

He hugged her tightly to his body as she started crying against his chest. "Shh. Babe. It's okay."

Misaki drew back, trying to dab at her tears as she told Kankuro, "I'm sorry."

"It's fine Misaki. You need to let all the tears out. You've been holding it in for too long Misaki."

"Kankuro, I don't know what to do anymore. I just don't know what to do."

"Let it out babe." Kankuro repeated.

She let him gently stroke her hair as she cried against his chest. She felt her emotions seem to spill out in a flood of tears until she could not cry anymore. They both laid back down on the bed, she cuddled against his body, listening to his breathing as she finally fell back to sleep.

Chapter Three:

Misaki didn't want to go to the Hospital. It felt like the past. However, she knew that if she was going to get over it, then this was the only way. She felt like a child as they took her along. What was it about going back to the Hospital? Only Kami knew that answer.

She felt Gaara's grip tighten on her arm. "I can feel you. You are tense."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be. You need to relax though."

"Misaki, babe, everything is going to be fine." Kankuro interrupted.

"I hope so."

"You feel like Crow. Should I attach strings to you?" Kankuro joked.

This had her start to laugh. "I suppose so...." She continued laughing.

"So how did you do with Lee yesterday?"

"Okay I suppose. He is really good at taijutsu. I am very impressed!"

"Hnh." Gaara interrupted.

"He fought Lee before." Kankuro murmured.

"Did Lee win?" Misaki questioned. Gaara laughed suddenly. "I take that as a no."

"Definitely not." Gaara mentioned.

"He won and went on to fight Sasuke Uchiha." Kankuro added.

"I knew that Gaara had a knack for beating people."

They arrived at Leaf Hospital and entered. Sakura waited patiently with a chart in her arm. "Hello Lord Kazekage, Kankuro, and you must be Misaki."

"Yes." Misaki replied.

"I'm Sakura Haruno. I'm one of the medic nin's. If you will follow me we will get started."



As Misaki lay half-naked on a bed behind a curtain, she felt Sakura's fingers graze the scars that were on her legs. She then heard the pen scraping the paper before she went on to check her vaginal area. On the other side of the curtain were Kankuro and Gaara. They heard everything, which made her feel embarassed at the questions Sakura was asking and what they were hearing.

"A few more minutes." She sounded like Kankuro. "I just have to ask you a few more questions. Go ahead and get dressed."


"Misaki, can you remember all the events that lead up to the rape, during, and after the rape?"

"Mostly. I passed out after I left the ramen place. I don't know how long that was. I woke up to see them above me."

"Okay. Were they wearing jonin vests?"

"From what I remember, yes."

"Did they use any weapons?"


"Alright. Thank you Misaki. I appreciate you for going through this again."

Misaki smiled somewhat. "I appreciate your help Sakura."


Later, the four stopped by Naruto's office. Sakura read her report to a rather attentitive Naruto, Gaara, and Kankuro. Misaki felt embarassed to have the Hokage know everything about what happened to her body.

"Therefore it is impossible Naruto for Misaki to have caused injury to herself." Sakura's eyes narrowed. "When I find that medic nin, I will, CHA!"

"But how can you be sure?" Naruto questioned.

Sakura looked at him queerly then smacked him on his head. "One, our arms can only reach so far. Misaki had several scars that were raised, meaning that someone applied pressure. The most Misaki could have done to herself is make a scratch, not a scar that deep. Two, just take my word for it."

"Ow Sakura. You didn't have to hit me." Naruto replied in a whiny voice.

Kankuro smirked, "So Sakura-chan, what do you think we should do?"

"We're going to put our resources to finding Misaki's rapists and the first person we need to go to is this idiot medic nin...CHA!"

"Kankuro...take Misaki outside and wait for me." Gaara interrupted.

Kankuro nodded then led Misaki outside and shut the door behind him. "Why did you ask them to leave?" Naruto questioned him.

"What are we supposed to do with her until we find the rapists?"

"What do you mean Lord Kazekage?" Sakura questioned.

"She's having nightmares of the event. Most likely remembering it...and her chakra. It hasn't returned to normal. What do you advise?"

Sakura looked from Gaara to Naruto. "Hmm...Well, it could be a push Lord Kazekage..."

"Go on." Gaara urged.

"Replace the memory with a new one that is much more powerful." Sakura advised.


"Take her back to the place it occured and let her relive it only in a different way."

"I got it!" Naruto suddenly shouted.

Sakura and Gaara looked at Naruto as he opened a drawer and pulled out a key then tore a piece of paper off a blank scroll and wrote down an address. "Here...take this key to this address and give it to the Madame."

"Oh Lord...not the place you take Hinata." Sakura intervened.

"You said that he needs to replace the memory..." Naruto tried to explain.

"But Lord Kazekage isn't involved...I don't think..."

Sakura and Naruto then turned to Gaara and looked at him with questioning eyes, "I would usually say that it is none of your business, however, yes I am."

"See!" Naruto exclaimed.

"Both Kankuro and I are." Gaara told the two.

Naruto and Sakura's jaws dropped at the same time. "For real?" Naruto asked.

"I trust both of you won't let this knowledge leave this room."

"Of course not Lord Kazekage." Sakura said with a bow.

"I will follow your advice and take her back tonight." He reached across and grabbed the key and piece of paper and tucked them away.


When Gaara left the room he found Kankuro and Misaki talking to Lee. She was laughing at the good-natured ninja. "Hello Gaara." Lee greeted.

"Hnh. Hello."

"I was just asking Misaki if she would like to train with me."

"Not tonight. We have dinner plans."

"Oh...maybe tomorrow then. See you later then."

He watched Lee leave and said, "Let's go back to the apartment. Tonight is going to be special."

Chapter Four:

Misaki felt uncomfortable as she waited for their bowls of ramen to arrive. Why had Gaara and Kankuro brought her back to the place she was raped? Well...the start of her rape. "Here you go." The chef interrupted her thoughts. He set a bowl of beef ramen in front of her then set the other bowls in front of the other two.

After they ate Gaara paid then led Misaki and Kankuro through several winding pathways. "Where are we going?" Misaki questioned finally after 10 minutes of walking.

"We are almost there." Gaara replied.

The three arrived at a discreet house in the last part of the alley. Gaara went up and knocked on the screen door. A older woman came out and bowed. "Lord Kazekage. I was informed you were coming."

"Yes." He merely mentioned as he showed her the key.

"You will like that room," she murmured as she led them into the building. "Lord Hokage uses it himself. Is there anything I can get for you? Drinks? Food?"

"Oil." Gaara said quietly.

"There is oil upstairs in the room. Follow me please."

The woman led them up to the second floor where she used the key on one of the last rooms. She opened it up to reveal a beautifully decorated room in white and red. Catering, of course, to the Hokage. "In the chest beside the bed are several oils and props my Lord." She closed the door after all of them had walked in the room.

"I still don't understand...why are we here?" Misaki questioned the two.

Gaara and Kankuro surrounded the confused woman as she eyed them. Gaara told her, "We're here for you Misaki."

She raised an eyebrow as she tried to back away but only backed up into Kankuro. "You have been..."

He took her chin in his hand as he eyed her. "You are lying Misaki."


"What do you want?" Kankuro whispered in her ear.

"I...I want to forgot that night."

Gaara now intervened, however instead of responding with words he grabbed her waist and took her lips in a soul-searing kiss. Misaki leaned back in Kankuro's soft embrace as she opened for Gaara. Her hands grasped Gaara's forearms as she felt a heated feeling come over her body. "I want you both." She finally said when he allowed her to speak.

"How?" Gaara questioned her.

"I...I want you to have me like the last time we were together like this." She couldn't concentrate for Kankuro's mouth was on her neck.

"Give up your control to us. We will make you very happy." Kankuro finally whispered in her ear.

Gaara stared at her as she replied, "Whatever you want."

They edged her to the bed as she stared back at the two. Kankuro pulled off her kimono which revealed her nearly naked body. She moaned as Gaara laid her on the bed and Kankuro laid beside her. Gaara spread her legs then sat in between them as he looked down at her. Her soft eyes gazed back up at them both, revealing her wantonness.

She spread her legs as Gaara sat between her splayed legs and Kankuro kneeled beside her body. Misaki had never felt so loved than when she had the two brothers kiss and pleasure her. Her hands roamed over their clothes until she reached their hair. Gaara's hair was shorter but felt silkier in her right hand, however, Kankuro's hair felt a little rougher in her other hand as she moaned for the two.

Kankuro dipped his head and whispered in her ear, "I think you just need a fuck eh babe?"

"Mmm..." Misaki replied as the two ripped off her clothes. She grasped for Kankuro's face so she could kiss him. She needed contact...some kind of contact besides the grasping of her legs and arms. He obliged and met her lips swiftly. His tongue entered her mouth, seeking hers and eventually rubbing against the timid appendage. He only stopped when Gaara murmured, "Kankuro, i'm not patient. I want to fuck her now."

Before Kankuro could reply he was pushed to the side by Misaki, which was an odd feat in itself, as she crawled up the Gaara and placed her hands on his shoulders then replied, "What the fuck are you waiting for!" She pulled him on top of her, not waiting for Gaara to disrobe, and locked her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck.

Though Gaara was surprised he took to her want as soon as she grasped a handful of red hair in her right hand. 'FUCK!' Gaara thought as he felt her nip at his neck. "You should let her ride ya." Kankuro suggested as he laughed in Gaara's ear. He added, "Since she's so ready to fuck." Gaara was about to take his brother's advice when suddenly Misaki pushed him on his back as she kissed his lips. She grasped Kankuro's shirt and pulled him up against her.

"Why don't you participate too Kankuro?" She winked at him then pulled Gaara's pants down and pulled out his member then slid on his hardened member.

"Oh yeah." The puppeteer murmured as she yanked off his hood and threw it in the floor. She felt him grasp her breast then suck harshly on the tip of her breast as Gaara grasped her hips and moved her hips in a quick movement.

"Nnnh." The sand master added. With one hand on his chest and the other in Kankuro's hair, she felt her body move to Gaara's set pace.

"Ahh, Kami...this feels good!" She shouted while feeling his cock hitting her g spot at the right angle. "Mmm...Fuck me Kankuro!"

Kankuro looked up at her as he released her breast and murmured seductively, "Well, if that is what you want..." He kneeled behind her, then wrapped his arms around her waist and began to slam harshly in her behind. Kankuro reached for her chin and pulled her face so she looked straight at him. "Look at me babe."

Gaara growled as he realized that his brother was trying to take her for himself. Like hell he was. He paused his movements to sit up and wrap his arms around her hips. Gaara grasped one of the twin breasts, making her cry out in pleasure. "Gaara..mmm..." Misaki moaned as she felt is hot mouth on her sensitive peak. His hips then began to thrust back up into her hot warmth. "Kami..." The sensations from both men were driving her mad. Behind her, Kankuro was nipping her neck and slamming into her ass while in front Gaara was biting her breast and thrusting up in her core. It felt too good...she felt as if she was going to explode. "Oh...Gaara, Kankuro...i'm going to EXPLODE!"

"Come then baby." Kankuro whispered in her ear. Gaara did not say anything, he only obliged to her, quickening his pace as he heard the slap of skin...panting...cries of pleasure...then finally her scream of pleasure as she released and caused them to come as well. Kami it felt good...


Later, Gaara was in Naruto's office. He sat the key down on the desk then turned around to leave. "How was it?"

Gaara turned around, "It was interesting."

"That's all you can say?" Naruto asked.


Naruto shook his head, "Well, I will see you soon."

Chapter Five:

She sat on the bench as Lee urged her on to practice. Misaki looked at her taijutsu teacher as she panted. "Lee, can't we take a break?"

Lee smiled a winning smile and replied, "Of course."

After a few minutes Sakura entered the workout area. "Hi Lee, hi Misaki."

"Hi Sakura." Lee greeted as she walked up to him and hugged him then kissed his lips.

"Do you mind if I borrow Misaki?" Sakura questioned him.

"No. We were just taking a break." Lee admitted.

"Good, we are going to the market. See you soon." Sakura told him as she left with Misaki in her arm.


Sakura smiled at Misaki as she asked Misaki, "How are you doing?"

"Better, thank you." Misaki replied.

"I wanted to get a private moment with you Misaki. I know you have been having a tough time since you were raped. We're going to catch your rapists. But I want to know if you have any questions that I can answer for you?"

Misaki thought for a few minutes then asked Sakura a question that been on her mind, "I do have a question Sakura. It's...it's about well...I acted differently than I usually do when having...relations."

Sakura smiled at her then replied, "They usually tell you what to do?" Misaki nodded. "It's normal to want to be different. In fact where we're going is a place I think will help you."

"What place?" Misaki questioned.

"It has books and other products. I think you will like it."

"Ok..." She paused then asked, "Are you Lee's girlfriend?"

"Yes." Sakura replied. "Back when I was a chunin, he kept asking me out on a date. I never dated him until a couple years ago. I never knew how good he was as a boyfriend."

Misaki smiled at Sakura, she understood what Sakura meant. "So where are we going?"

"A little place owned by a friend."


"Hey Kakashi-sensei!" Sakura greeted as she entered the little shop.

The silver hair jonin looked up to see the medic nin enter his shop with a black-haired woman. "Hello Sakura. What are you doing here?"

"My friend Misaki here and I would like to look at some things." Sakura answered.

"You know, ever since I opened this shop I have seen a lot of you."

Sakura replied with a laugh, "I don't see how you have the time to run your shop with the missions you get."

"Ah. I have my ways." Kakashi responded with a smile in his voice. "Look around ladies."

"Very well."

"Thank you." Misaki added.

Misaki went up to the book section and looked at the different book titles. 'Oh Kami...How am I supposed to make them happy?' She felt someone watching her from behind. "Having trouble?" Kakashi asked.

She blushed. "Yes...sort of."

"Well, what are you looking for?"

"I don't know."

"What's your sexual situation?"

Misaki blushed again, but replied, "Well, I have sex with two men."

"Ahh a threesome eh?" He looked at the selection of books. "Hmm. Take these two. Anything else?"

"I don't really know how to...please them."

"Ah..I think I have the perfect book for that." Kakashi murmured then took another book and took the stack up to his desk.

"Hey Misaki! Aren't these cute?!" Sakura asked as she showed Misaki two thin shifts.

She smiled at Sakura and looked at the two shifts. "They are cute."

Kakashi waited for the two women to finish their shopping. Finally they brought their lingerie to him and he totalled the amount then asked Sakura, "You want me to put this on your tab?"

"Please Kakashi-sensei." Sakura replied.

He handed the two women their bags and bid them goodbye. "Goodbye Kakashi-sama." Misaki told the leaf jonin.

"Goodbye Kakashi-sensei!" Sakura added.

"Goodbye ladies."


Kankuro, Gaara, and Lee sat waiting for the women to come back from shopping. "Do you have any idea where they went?" Gaara asked Lee.

"No idea. Sakura only said the market." Lee replied.

"What does it matter? Women take forever to shop." Kankuro murmured.

"Lee, do you think you can request Hyuga to see Misaki?" Gaara asked.

"Neji? Why?" Lee asked.

"He will be able to see why her chakra is being kept locked in her body." He explained.

"I'm sure I would be able to talk to him." Lee replied.

Right then he heard Sakura's voice, "Lee, really, did you have to call Gaara and Kankuro? We weren't gone that long."

"It's not my fault Sakura!" Lee yelled. "Besides Gaara and Kankuro came to get Misaki."

"Well we were at Kakashi-sensei's shop."


"Kakashi-sama was so nice." Misaki interrupted as she clutched her bag to her chest. "It was nice going out Sakura. Maybe again? See you tomorrow Lee. Come on Gaara. Come on Kankuro."


Misaki sat on the bed looking at her white shift as she watched the two brothers come in. "So where did you go and what did you get?" Kankuro questioned.


"Come on Misaki tell us."

"I got a gown..." Misaki admitted. It was a part-truth.

Gaara grasped the bag and took out the books. His jade eyes widened. "Misaki...What is this for?"

She blushed as Kankuro took the books and eyed them. "Misaki, this is what you got at Kakashi's store?"


"Cool..." He looked at a particular title, "Pleasuring your Man! Misaki...you bad girl!"

Misaki blushed even more as she bowed her head. "I apologize."

"Apologize? Why apologize?"

"Don't you disapprove?"

"No." Gaara intervened. "Why do you want to learn to please us?"

"Because I thought you would want me to learn to." She explained. 'No. That's a lie. I want to hump them both without feeling nervous."

Gaara eyed her. Misaki knew he could tell that she was lying. "Tell me the truth Misaki."

Misaki couldn't face him and tell him. "I...I...want to...to..."

Gaara grabbed her chin and ordered her. "Tell me Misaki, don't fuck around."

She bit her lip as she looked at him then finally admitted, "I want to be more confident around you two...and I want to be able to...hump you both."

"Well that's a surprise." Kankuro intervened.

Gaara glared at his brother. He pulled her off the bed and against his body. "Misaki, if that is what you wanted, then by all means...do what you want."

"I want a shower." Misaki suggested.

"Huh?" The two brothers questioned.

"You'll see."


Later, Misaki lay sleeping between the two brothers as they talked softly to each other. "I did not know she could do that." Kankuro commented as he looked at their friend.

"Do you ever wonder if she wants to release her personality but can't because of the rape?" Gaara asked.

"I never thought of it like that." Kankuro whispered thoughtfully. "She's a beautiful girl.

"No doubt." He paused. "I want to marry her."

Kankuro smiled. "You would make a good couple. I can imagine little Gaara's running around."

Gaara looked at his brother with wide eyes. "Fuck...not until she's ready."

Misaki stirred beside them. "Shh...Let's not wake her up."

"I want Misaki to resolve this issue before I propose...and especially before I start having children."

"I think she has great potential as a sand nin, you know. She told me that she wanted to learn how to use puppet jutsu." Kankuro admitted quietly.

"Hmm..." Gaara asked, "Truthfully?"

"Yeah." Kankuro paused then asked, "Do you ever notice that she has a harder time talking to you?" Gaara shook his head. "She is able to tell me her wants and dreams, because she is not worried about disappointing me." He laughed softly. "I think she thinks of me of a friend with benefits and I certainly don't mind."

"Hmmm...i'm hoping that Hyuga can help us."

"Well, we better get some sleep. We only have five hours." Kankuro commented.

"Yeah...and didn't she promise that she would wake us up?" Gaara asked.

"What a dirty mind you have...you take after me."

Gaara rolled over after rolling his eyes and watched the clock until he fell asleep.

Chapter Six:

Misaki felt blades cut at her skin as she stared at the two jonin in terror. She tried to scream, but couldn't, her body and whatever the jonin had done to her had prevented her from screaming.

She felt a hand slap her face. "You little bitch!" One of them shouted at her as she tried to fight against them, "Keep fighting and you will receive more cuts!" He then pulled her hair in a harsh grip and allowed the other one to cut deeply into her skin. She tried to scream again.

Misaki felt weak...she was weak...at that moment she decided to give in.


This time when the two brothers heard her screaming they acted immediately and shook Misaki awake. Misaki sat straight up and looked straight ahead as if she couldn't see them, she then turned to Gaara and launched herself in his arms. Tears fell down her cheeks. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders as she let out her sobs. "Shh." Gaara murmured, because he did not know anything else to say to her.

After a few minutes of sobbing, Misaki sat back and looked at the two brothers. "I'm sorry i'm so weak."

"You're not weak Misaki. You'll get over this. Believe it." Kankuro said as he took her hand and rubbed it softly. He paused, "I sound like the Hokage."

"Kankuro's right though. You have to have faith." Gaara intervened.

"It's hard to when I am feeling so...forget it. I need...I just need to think."

Gaara grabbed her face while looking at her with a rough glare. "Misaki, you can't give up."

"I'm not, i'm just tired of facing...the past."

"Exactly!" Gaara shouted. "Stop running!"

"I don't want to face it!" Misaki shouted back, shocking both brothers. "I don't want to remember what happened..." She started sniffling, "What happened after...they found me."

"The rapists?" Kankuro questioned.

"No!" Misaki screamed at him. "At the hospital."

The brothers looked at each other then looked back at Misaki. "Misaki, you remember what happened afterwards don't you?" Gaara asked her. "Don't lie. I know if you are."

"Yes...that much I can fully remember..." She trailed off as she tried to keep the tears from starting again. "It was terrible."

"I thought you were found." Kankuro chimed in.

"No. I was not found. Those bastards took me to the hospital themselves and..." Misaki trailed off again.

"And what Misaki?" Gaara intervened.

"It's a long story."

"Tell it then."

Misaki nodded then proceeded to tell about how she was taken to the hospital by her captors and rapists.


She felt the two jonin lay her down on a metal table as a doctor came up to them.
"I can't keep lying for you two. I will eventually get caught."

"We pay you don't we." The first said.

"Yeah, but..."

"But nothing." The second jonin put in.

Misaki lay on the table, staring up at the light that shone on her. "So what did you do to this one?" The doctor asked as if it was a daily occurence.

"The same thing we do to the other ones." The first answered.

The doctor hovered over her as she cringed inwardly. "Hmm...cut her a lot didn't you?"

"Say she accidently cut herself."

"Don't worry. I'll make it look good." He paused, "Should I let you two say your goodbyes'?"

"Sure." The second replied. "We'll strap her down while you're outside." The doctor left, leaving the two rapists with their victim. The jonin who had just spoke to her grasped her chin and said, "I enjoyed that virgin pussy of yours." He then kissed her on her lips as she tried to fight against him.

The other whispered in her ear, "It's been a while since we had one. Now that you're not a virgin, you should probably whore yourself off. It's the only thing you can do now. No one will want you."

The second one laughed as he pulled back. "Come on, let's tie her down." As the two tied her down, they muttered dirty words in her ears and told her she was nothing. Finally, after tying her down, they left and the doctor re-entered.

"Well...let's look at you."


Gaara frowned. To think that the bastards had caused his woman so much harm and hurt...he would kill. "What did the doctor do?"

"The basics." She murmured.

"Now it's even more important to find Hyuga." Kankuro put in.

"Exactly." Gaara said. "I'm sure Naruto will also be able to assist us as well."

Kankuro nodded. The two were sure of their plan, and now had new information that they would tell Naruto and Sakura. Misaki was still unsure, but she knew that they were going to help her no matter what, which was a good thing in her book.

Chapter Seven:

As Misaki watched Gaara relay everything to the Lord Hokage, she couldn't help but feel ashamed. Ashamed of herself, her rape, and everything. "Those bastards." Naruto said as he slammed his fist on the desk.

"Hyuga will do well in helping us release her chakra." Gaara put in.

"Neji can help, but you need one more person." Naruto said, catching Gaara's attention.

"Who?" Gaara questioned.

"Ino Yamanaka." Naruto paused as he pulled out the jonin's file and slid it across the desk to Gaara, "Her family specializes in mind type jutsus'. She should be able to help us find the jonin behind this crime." He paused again as he looked at Sakura who was grinding her teeth and had her hands in fists. He had a feeling that inner Sakura was ready to come out. "Anything wrong Sakura?"

Oh Hell yeah! "CHA! THAT BASTARD! I will KILL THAT DOCTOR! CHA!" She then made a few punching movements and then sighed heavily.

Gaara knew exactly how Sakura felt. "I know how you feel Sakura." Naruto said.

"Come on Misaki! I have a need to fight." Sakura surged forward and grabbed a surprised Misaki out of the chair. "We'll be with Lee!"

The three men were surprised to say the least. Naruto laughed, "I wonder if she's pregnant...Anyway, I will go ahead and have Neji and Ino meet Misaki this afternoon and see if we can resolve this before we go after the doctor."

Gaara nodded. "Naruto...she's still having nightmares."

"Ino should be able to help with that." Naruto replied.

"Good." Gaara told him as he read Ino's file.

"Come on Gaara. We better check on the girls and I will take you out to eat some ramen."


The ramen shop had never seen such a large group. The owner smiled as Naruto, Gaara, Kankuro, Misaki, Lee, and Sakura entered the business. "Beef ramen on me!" Naruto said happily.

"Of course Lord Hokage." The owner replied.

"Wait! I don't want beef ramen Naruto!" Sakura intervened. "Just regular miso soup for me please."

"Of course Sakura."

As they waited for their food, Misaki thought of the next hour. How different things would be once her full chakra was released. Kankuro and Gaara noticed her silence. "Hey Misaki." Kankuro said as she looked at the counter. "What's the matter?"

"Oh...nothing. Just thinking." Misaki replied.

"About what?"

"Nothing really...just...you know..."

"No I don't know babe." Kankuro replied.

Gaara felt a twinge of jealousy in him. He didn't know why he felt that way, but Kami, he wanted to just take her away from his brother and prove how much she was his. She was entirely his. He gripped the counter then interrupted, "Kankuro, after we see Hyuuga and Miss Yamanaka, I would like to take Misaki out alone for a while."

Kankuro saw his brother's plot, "Sure Gaara." He winked at his brother then continued to talk to Misaki as their bowls were brought.

Gaara fingered the engagement ring in his pocket. He had thought about giving it to Misaki while they were in Leaf Village. She was his friend from the past and he knew that she was the one. When no one else accepted him, she would. He ate his beef ramen quietly while watching the others.


After ramen, they all gathered at Leaf Hospital. Misaki was laid on a comfortable bed while Sakura discussed the situation with Neji and Ino. Misaki grasped Gaara's hand as she waited nervously. Lee was at the end of the bed and tried to help calm her nervousness. "It's alright Misaki, things are going to go well!" He then gave a traditional thumb's up.

She couldn't help but smile, "Thanks Lee."

Sakura came in with Neji and Ino behind her. "Are you ready Misaki?"

"Yes." Misaki replied. Truthfully, she felt as if she was having a surgery.

Neji was a long-haired man who had light lavender eyes, almost white. He almost scared Misaki, but took her other hand and said, "I heard your story from Lee and Sakura. It is nice to meet you Misaki."

"Thank you for helping me."

"The honor is mine." Neji responded.

Sakura looked at Misaki and said, "Neji are you ready?"

"Yes. Are you Misaki?" He asked Misaki in return.

"Yes Neji-sama."

Misaki heard Neji mutter a jutsu and felt something in her. She felt as if someone was blocking her ears, however, she heard Neji say, "She's not blocking her chakra...those jonin bastards blocked her while they were..."

"What can you do?" Naruto asked.

"Hold on Naruto." Neji huffed.

Neji muttered another jutsu making Misaki pass out. "What did you do!" Gaara shouted, not usually feeling as shaky as he was.

"It's alright...I am releasing her full chakra from her body. Please calm yourself Lord Kazekage." Neji answered.

Suddenly she woke up, her chakra lapsed around her creating bursts of energy out of her body. Neji released his jutsu and watched her as she looked around at everyone in a confused manner. "It's your turn Ino." Sakura said.

Ino walked up to the bed and smiled warmly. "Lay down for me please." Misaki obeyed her. Ino then turned to everyone else and said, "This might take a while." Misaki heard another jutsu being spoken then she fell into the blackness.


"See you later Misaki!" Her clan members shouted as they left the ramen shop.

"Okay!" She shouted back then ordered one more bowl. After doing so she walked to the door to look at the stars then heard the old man shout her order. She went back and took her chopsticks, slurping down her bowl of ramen.

After paying the man she went to the door and left the building. She had walked five feet when she felt her body become weak. Misaki made it to an alley and heard two voices behind her. "I knew she would be easy."

"Yeah, she won't put up a fight...."

Misaki woke up in a dark room, her hands were tied and her legs spread and bound by a jutsu. "Looks like the little slut woke up finally." A voice spoke.

She looked towards where the voice was coming from. "We've waited long enough. Let's fuck her." Another voice said.

As her eyes adjusted she noticed two men coming to her in jonin clothing of the Leaf Village. She was scared. Very scared of these men.

"Please...please don't hurt me."

"'Please don't hurt me.'" The first one mocked. He grasped her breast and said, "We're going to do what we want to you, you little slut."

"No talking. Let's taste the bitch." The second said.

Misaki felt their lips take in her nipples as she cried out in sudden pleasure. 'No!' Her mind cried, but her body was obeying someone else. She felt tears slip down her cheeks as different pleasures overtook her body. One moved down towards her spread legs and spread the flesh that kept her clit hidden. By now she only could identify them by voice in her pleasure-ridden state. "Mmm...," the first one stated, "looks like the slut is wet. Wonder what she tastes like."

She felt his mouth on her sensitive nub as his tongue worked wonders around the bundle of nerves. "Ahh!" She screamed, begging Kami to end this shameful experience. The jonin tried different tactics, and switched to sucking on the very sensitive nub. She felt her body buck up towards him giving the jonin satisfaction. Misaki tried to avoid the pleasure that spread through her body.

The other jonin released the breast he had been playing with and watched eagerly as his friend made her climax. The first one licked at juices eagerly while she shuddered around him. "Was she good?" The second one asked.

"Fuck yeah. The whore was good. Let's take her and then we'll fuck her again."

Misaki struggled as they grabbed her waist and positioned their cocks in front of each hole. She felt them thrust in at the same time causing her to scream in pain. "Shut up slut." They pounded in her virginal body as she screamed, trying to avoid the pain they were making, but couldn't due to the fact that they were pounding in her so hard. The two played with her body until she finally contracted around them in pleasure. Misaki felt their seed enter her body as tears fell down her cheeks. "I hate you both." She heard them laugh loudly as they pulled out of her.


Misaki was still passed out when Ino revealed everything to everyone. "Well, I can confirm that she was raped. This sick rape was performed by two special jonin however, so they could be special jonin or have moved to jonin status by now. I can pick them out if you show me the files of our village jonin and special jonin."

"What happened?" Naruto questioned.

"I dare not repeat what I saw. All I can do is verify everything that Misaki has been telling you." Ino continued after looking at the group, "I can tell you that I did get a glance at her past, "She does have an amazing amount of chakra and once she starts using it again her jutsu will be great."

"What about her nightmares?" Gaara asked.

"I'm not going to stop them. I released the full memory so she can remember it. Hopefully that will stop the nightmares, but until we find these bastards we can't stop the nightmares." Ino replied.

"Why not?"

"She needs to relive it...and besides, surpressing anything is bad." Ino explained.

Misaki woke up feeling relieved. "You feeling better?" Sakura questioned her.

She nodded. "Yes. Thanks Sakura."

"Don't thank me. Thank Neji and Ino."

"You're right. Thank you Neji-sama and Ino-san."

"Your more than welcome." Ino responded first.

"What Ino said." Neji put in, not really taking thank yous' that well. He felt it was the least he could do to catch two crimnals.

"If you're feeling okay, I would like to take you out." Gaara intervened.

"Okay." Misaki replied quickly, eager to escape the hospital.


Gaara and Misaki found themselves in the sprawling gardens of Konoha. Gaara led her to a shady and rather concealed spot then sat down against a sakura tree. She sat down in front of him and smiled at him. "Misaki, are you feeling better?"

"Yes, thank you Gaara."

He waited for a few more minutes before speaking. "I didn't bring you here for idle chat Misaki. I want you to know something." He paused, "I want you to be my wife." Gaara pulled the engagement ring out of his pocket and presented it to her. It was gold with a blue gem centered in the middle.

"Gaara...I..I..I want to become your wife, but am I worthy?"

Gaara grabbed her hand and put the ring on her finger, "Fuck yes."

She blushed before leaning forward and kissing him. "I love you Gaara."

"I love you too." He paused again, this time in shock, for she was climbing on top of his lap! "What are you doing?"

"Showing my Lord Kazekage my appreciation." She whispered seductively in his ear.

Fuck! Who had replaced Misaki? She was kissing his neck while running her hands along his strong shoulders. "We're out in public." He tried to convince her to stop but really he wanted her to go on.

"We're in a concealed area. Isn't this why you brought me here?" Misaki asked innocently.

Yes...fuck yes. "No."

"Well...this is a perk isn't it Gaara?"


"Then take me Gaara...I want your cock!"

Oh yeah...she was different. She moved her body down his body so she could sit right on his cock. Gaara sat up and watched as she kissed his lips again. This time it was more powerful. Her lips pressed against his harshly as he pressed back. His arms wrapped around her waist, squeezing her pleasantly as his tongue ventured into her open mouth. Her tongue battled against his, not waiting to have her mouth explored. When they finally separated, they were panting fiercely. She attacked him again, but this time it was his neck. He moaned loudly as she nipped at his pale flesh. He grabbed her hair and pulled her back to see her face. "Misaki."

"Yes Gaara?"

"Cut to the chase and ride my cock." He murmured low as he pulled his pants down to reveal a very hard cock. She grinned at him while pulling down her shorts and pushing him on his back. Misaki grasped his cock as she obeyed his command and quickly sank onto his hardened cock.

"Oh fuck..." She muttered.

Gaara didn't know she could speak such language. He grasped her hips and began to move her body at a speed both of them could be happy with. Her hands grasped his shoulders while meeting his thrusts. Her mouth opened to say something, but all that came out was a moan of pleasure. Kami...he hoped that this was a permanent side effect. He felt her inner muscles close around his hardened cock. Oh Misaki...a little more. She leaned over for them both and kissed him to stifle both their moans of pleasure as they climaxed in unison.

She lay on top of him, his cock still in her contracting body, "I love you Gaara. We'll have to extend this experience when we get back to the apartment." More? He was ready just thinking about it.

"Hn..." Was his reply as his breathing settled. They lay there until they could get up and head back to the apartment without showing any kind of evidence of their relations.

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How It All Began

There was a great misconception about Gaara. Ever since he had been born everyone in Suna had known him as some kind of demon...someone to be afraid of. Unless you were close to him then you wouldn't know the truth behind the stories. Even after Gaara died and had Shukaku extracted from him, he still was stereotyped as someone to be afraid of. Of course, Gaara was someone to be afraid of, but he wanted something more. He wanted more than to be labeled as a freak forever...

Gaara stared at the wall while wiping the sweat from his forehead. Kami, it had to be the hottest night in Suna. He wanted to think about something...anything...other than this heat. He leaned back on his bed, multiple images and thoughts coming to his mind. Gaara thought of his recent mission to a nearby village with his brother. It had been quick, not really too much of a mission. When they came back, they were both hot and sweaty. They took a shower in a group shower area and Gaara remembered feeling slightly shocked, well, more than slightly shocked when he saw his brother's naked body.

He felt a pleasurable heat whip through his lower body. It was wrong. He knew it. Kami, he knew it. But it felt good thinking about his brother in that way. Kankuro was the only one who really understood him. Not that Temari didn't...but she was a woman. His right hand betrayed him and slid under the hem of his pants and over his cock. He could see a clear picture of his brother in his mind, naked and his perfect thick cock. Oh what he wanted to just beg his brother to take him. But it was wrong, and in the back of his mind was a little voice saying 'you're not good enough for him.' It got bigger, saying 'he can find someone else better than you.' He forced the voice back while thinking of Kankuro, his hand manipulating his cock, thinking of Kankuro doing it instead of himself. Gaara couldn't help but cry out softly, "Kankuro!"


Kankuro was coming in from his rounds. He was feeling tired and sweaty. Tonight had to be the hottest night in Suna. He just wanted to take a shower. He was passing Gaara's room when he thought he heard his name. At first he thought he was hearing things but then he heard it again. "Kankuro!" He heard his name through the door.

He was confused now. Why was his brother calling for him? He grasped the door handle and opened the door. "Hey Gaara, I heard my name. Do you..." Kankuro paused as he saw Gaara half-arched. His hips off the bed and his hand in his pants. Gaara looked at him in shock and surprise. Kankuro realized that he had interrupted his brother while masturbating.


Kankuro closed the door then walked towards his brother's bed. Gaara quickly stood up from the bed and looked at his brother. He blushed as Kankuro asked, "We're you thinking about me?"

"I...yes." He admitted.

Kankuro smiled. Gaara did not know if it was a smirk or an understanding smile. He was afraid. Kankuro suddenly grabbed him around the waist. Gaara looked at his brother, a shocked expression on his face. "Look at me Gaara."


"I've been waiting for this."

"You have?"

"Very much so."

Gaara didn't want to sound like a girl but...he wanted to admit his love for his brother. He felt Kankuro's hands grasp his ass and squeeze tightly. "Mmm...Kankuro."

"You like that don't you my little virginal cockslut?" Kankuro questioned him.

"I..." Gaara started to respond but was stopped by Kankuro's lips. The kiss deepened as Kankuro used his fingers to massage Gaara's ass cheeks. Gaara moaned into the kiss then felt Kankuro pull back to look at him.

"How much do you want it Gaara? How much do you want my cock baby?"

Gaara couldn't help but respond almost instantly, "I need you Kankuro!"

Kankuro grinned at him, then told him what he had observed over the last few years. "I have some rules Gaara. However, I can't help but notice that you are rather...submissive. At least behind closed doors."

Gaara couldn't deny it. Especially when he was facing his brother. "Yes Kankuro."

"Good. I prefer you that way. Oh rules...I have a few of course." Gaara waited patiently as his brother continued, "First, i'm rather dominant, and I don't intend to change my position. Second, I tend to use dirty words, but they're used endearingly. Lastly, I think this can be kept a secret eh?"

Gaara nodded slowly, but then replied, "Yes."

"Good." Kankuro repeated. He pushed Gaara against the edge of the bed and thrust him down in a position that was rather open for both of them. Kankuro settled betwen his spread legs and kissed Gaara's surprised lips while the forefinger and thumb of one hand played expertly with his right nipple.

"Mmm..." Gaara moaned in his brother's mouth. Kankuro took advantage of his brother's open mouth and plunged a hot tongue into the slick cavern. Gaara felt on fire. His brother's ministrations had barely begun and he couldn't help the hard on he had for the older man.

Kankuro withdrew his tongue from his brother's mouth, leaving his brother disappointed and panting slightly. He had already given some thought to where he would mark his brother as 'his.' Pale skin was everywhere in sight and he had only to choose where we wanted it. He decided he couldn't leave it on his neck. His brother had duties as Kazekage, besides, that was the obvious choice. He wanted somewhere where Gaara would feel it, each and everyday...well while it lasted. Then, Kankuro spotted the perfect place. He leaned over his brother's left nipple, poised to strike, and he did.

Gaara felt teeth on his chest. Kami! It was pleasure and pain at the same time! He grasped Kankuro's hood, but ended up tearing it off. He then grasped something more substantial, his brother's brown hair. "Oh Kami! Kankuro...please!" However, his brother didn't relent, he only bit down harder. "KANKURO!"

Kankuro looked up momentarily and murmured while staring straight into Gaara's jade eyes, "Shut up slut." Gaara was taken aback for a moment. "I'm marking you Gaara, so no one else will have you're pretty ass." Oh Kami, why was that making him harder? "Now let me finish and I will get to the good part."

Gaara leaned his head back as he felt Kankuro's teeth sink back into his skin. He never knew how...possessive his brother was. Eventually, Kankuro finished what he was doing and looked down at the purpling skin. He was happy at the temporary bruise. It was temporary, but Gaara would know who owned him.

Now Kankuro made content in sucking the neglected nipple in his warm, welcoming mouth. Gaara grasped his brother's hair hard as he felt a spike of heat settle through his body. He gasped as the unfamiliar feeling of pleasure became a more wonderful and familiar feeling. Kankuro released the nub with a final lick and began to descend down Gaara's chest and stomach.

Kankuro kissed down his brother's chest and stomach, only pausing to dip his talented tongue into Gaara's belly button. He then brought his hands to the waistband of Gaara's pants and yanked them down to reveal his member. "You're quite endowed Gaara." Kankuro murmured as he wrapped a warm hand around Gaara's hard cock.

"Th..Thank you Kankuro." Gaara replied. He wondered what Kankuro had in store for him next, but didn't have to wait long. He saw Kankuro bend his head over the member and engulf it in his mouth. Gaara never imagined it to be like this. In all his wildest dreams, it felt so good. A thousand times better than what he could do to himself. "Kankuro...oh..."

Kankuro's ears caught the sounds of incoherent moans from Gaara after he moaned his name. His mouth was too busy sucking on the head of his brother's cock while pumping the base at medium pace. He heard a sharp cry when he engulfed as much as he could into his mouth. His hand kept pumping but at a faster pace. Within about ten seconds he could feel the familiar tensing and welcomed his brother's cum into his mouth.

Gaara was in heaven as he felt his orgasm come over him. After regaining his breath, he saw his brother was back over his body but with his clothes off and a tube of what apparantly was lube in his hand. For the first time in a long time he felt apprehensive. "I'm not going to lie...it hurts, but feels good afterwards. I'm going to stretch you."

"Alright Kankuro."

Kankuro smirked then applied some lube to his fingers and coated the outside of his puckered hole then inserted one lubed finger. Gaara held his breath as he felt the finger explore his inside. He then felt another finger being added. It was stinging slightly, but he thought he could handle it. He felt the fingers probe and scissor him and then another finger was added. He released his breath as he moaned slightly from the pain of being scissored. Oh Kami, what was Kankuro going to be like? How painful was it going to be?

The probing fingers pulled out and Gaara watched as Kankuro rubbed the lube over his hardened member. He thought about how there was no way Kankuro's member was going to fit in his body. "Are you ready?"

"As ready as I will ever be."

"I will go slow and let you get accustomed to it. Don't worry Gaara."

Kankuro placed his hands on Gaara's hips and looked into his brother's eyes as he guided his thick member into place. He then quickly thrusted into his brother's hole, making him cry out in pain. "Kank..ur..o..." Gaara moaned as he felt a burning pain inside him. He wanted it to be gone, but instead of asking his brother to withdraw he only held onto him and begged silently to stay still. Kankuro leaned down and took the non-bruised nipple in his mouth to distract his brother from the pain he was feeling. After a few minutes of this and the slow ebbing of pain, Gaara squeezed his body around Kankuro to request him to continue.

Kankuro pulled back and thrust hard into his brother's willing body. He heard Gaara moan softly as he hit Gaara's prostate. Gaara moaned as his body became more accustomed to the rhythm. Kami, it felt so good. This definitely was heaven. Kankuro grasped Gaara's hips tightly, using his hips to thrust deeper and faster. "Oh...Gaara...i'm almost there baby." Kankuro grasped Gaara's member and pumped him so he could climax at the same time as he did. He was almost there. Gaara felt hot heat travel through his body down to his stomach and abdomen where Kankuro pumped him fiercely. Kankuro thrust again as he felt his brother climax around his hard cock, the feeling was of the climax was so good that he spilled his seed in Gaara's willing body.

He collapsed over the red-head and whispered into his brother's ear, "That felt good." Kankuro noticed that his brother had passed out due to his climax. "Hmm...must have felt good for him too."


Gaara woke up 15 minutes later to see that his brother had disappeared. The bathroom door had been opened and there was a light and the sound of water running. "Kankuro?" His voice sounded scratchy, but he saw his brother emerge.

"Up? I thought we would take a shower together." Kankuro suggested.

"Sounds good." Gaara replied. He got up on unsteady legs and blushed as Kankuro grasped his wrists and helped him along to the bathroom. Kankuro opened the door to the shower and helped his brother in then got in and shut the door. Gaara leaned against the wall where the faucet was as he felt his brother slide his hands up his chest. It felt so good to be in the shower with warm water gliding down his body and Kankuro's expert hands moved down his brother's chest and along his stomach. Gaara noticed his brother's hard member and felt his own hardening due to his touch.

"You want it don't you?" Kankuro asked in his dominant voice.

Kami, his brother sounded so possessive, which made him feel harder underneath the warm water. "Yes."

Kankuro turned his brother around to face the wall and pressed his hips against Gaara's ass. His hands settled on Gaara's hips momentarily while instructing his brother to hold on to the bar in front of him. Kankuro then pulled Gaara's hips toward his cock and impaled him on his hardened cock. He heard Gaara moan deliriously as he moved one arm around Gaara's front and pumped it slowly at first but as soon as he got a rhythm going with his own hips, he repeated it with his hand, making Gaara tighten his hands around the towel bar. "Oh Kankuro...please brother...i'm almost there...aniki!"

Kankuro was prety shocked when he heard Gaara cry out that name. He had never heard his brother refer to him with that name before. It only made him grow harder inside Gaara's body. He groaned as he lifted Gaara up slightly, just enough to take his feet off the bathroom floor, and slammed his cock fiercely into Gaara's ass. Gaara felt his toes curl as he climaxed around his brother's cock. Kankuro came in his brother's body a few moments later.

After their shower sex, Kankuro took his brother into the bedroom. He had already dried off their bodies and turned off the bathroom light. He pulled down the covers and sheets, allowing them to get back into the bed. Kankuro lay on the bottom as he pulled Gaara on top of him. His hands cradling his brother's ass as Gaara's head lay against his neck. The last thought in his mind was how wonderful it felt to have his brother against him like this.


The next morning Gaara woke up and felt sore from the last night's events. He couldn't help but look at his brother. Many thought that Kankuro was slightly chubby due to the help of his clothing, which made him look that way, however, he was hardly chubby. He was handsome and muscled in all the right places. He couldn't help but admire him a bit. He wanted to stroke the muscles, but didn't want to wake his brother up.

Gaaara felt shocked when his brother murmured, "You up baby?"

"Yes." Gaara responded.

Kankuro opened his eyes to look at Gaara. He moved his hands over his brother's back. "Did you sleep well?"

"Yes. You?"

"You felt good on top of me. I loved it."

"Good." Gaara felt a blush come over his cheeks.

"Gaara. I want this to be kept secret, but I want to keep doing this." Kankuro said as he stroked Gaara's back.

"Me too." Gaara replied with an amount of giddiness in his voice. Kami, he felt happy that his brother wanted some relationship with him. He knew it was weird, but nothing was normal about him or his relationships.

Kankuro was slightly shocked. "I just wanted to make sure. You know that it's not normal for us to be like this..." He trailed off.

"I want this Kankuro."

Kankuro smiled at his brother as he gently stroked his back. He looked at the time noting that it was almost an hour and a half before he had to get to work. Kankuro thought of doing a quickie, but decided against it. He wanted to lay in bed for a while. He watched as Gaara got up and bent over to retrieve their things. He got a good look at his brother's ass and all the sudden it came back, his cock hardened, and the need for his brother was all too much.

The clothes fell to the floor again as Kankuro held Gaara up against the wall, his arms curling around Kankuro's neck and his legs spread wide for him. As soon as he had him in that position, Kankuro impaled him, causing the red-head to cry out in pleasure. "Aniki...Kankuro!" Kankuro grasped Gaara's already bruised hips and pounded in his brother's body.

"Scream it! Ahh...scream that name Gaara!" He yelled at the younger man.

"An...i...ki!" Gaara cried out as he felt his climax rapidly approaching from the continuing pounding. Surely someone would have heard their screams, but it felt so good that he didn't care. "Aniki more please!"

Kankuro was on a binge of need and lust, his eyes stared at the creature pinned against the wall and asked lustfully while using one hand to torture Gaara's bruised nub, "Who do you belong to?" He nipped the side of Gaara's neck then reiterated, "Eh Gaara?!"

"You, ANIKI! Please!" His voice was raw with need.

The free hand grasped red strands of hair as he kissed Gaara on his tempting lips to stifle their already loud noises. He slammed once, twice, three more times and felt his brother's body climax around him, making his own body spill his seed.

Fifteen minutes later, Gaara was back on the bed with Kankuro. He thought about taking a day off...but couldn't. He wanted so much to lie in bed with Kankuro, to feel loved like this all day and to not leave his room, but he couldn't. It felt good having some normality...though this wasn't normal, it was as far from normal as it could be.


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16 February 2009 @ 09:15 pm

Title: Want
Author: Anubisa aka Pyrite (on Fanfiction.net)
Rating: R/M
Pairing: Kankuro/Gaara (SANDCEST!)
Warnings: Language, Incest, Oral Sex, Yaoi, Foreplay.
Summary: This is sort of a sequel to Need. This is a sort of PWP. Gaara has an urge that only his brother can help him with.
A/N: Okay, I had to write another Gaara/Kankuro one-shot. ^_^ As usual, my Kankuro loves talking to his brother a little roughly...Don't like it? Don't read it baby. Hope you like it!

Gaara had spent the entire day going over papers for Suna's new pet project with Konoha. He was so tired...but so horny too. Kami...he needed Kankuro. He plopped backwards on his bed as he thought of Kankuro. He thought of his brother, his hands were on his cock as he arched off the bed for him.

He heard the door open, making him sit up again to look at the door. "Hey Gaara." Kankuro greeted as he walked into the darkened room.

"Kankuro." Gaara moaned his name. Fuck...he was horny for his brother. He watched as Kankuro shut the door and walked to the bed. Gaara arched his body off the bed while moaning for his brother's touch.

Kankuro reached down and touched his brother's hips as he murmured softly, "You're a cockslut aren't you?"

Gaara didn't answer. He knew that not answering would make his brother angry. "Yes..."

The puppeteer leaned in to press a harsh kiss over his brother's lips. He moved his hands under Gaara's tunic, moving his flesh over his brother's. He heard his brother moan softly as he pulled his tunic over his head, now revealing his pale skin to his hungry eyes. He knew his brother's body. The taste, the curves, the smell...Kami he wanted more from his younger brother. His mouth traveled from his brother's mouth to his neck. Gaara felt his body arch up towards his brother while Kankuro sucked softly on his neck.

"Mmm...you look good enough to eat Gaara...or suck off." Kankuro whispered in his ear.

"Oh Kankuro!" Gaara cried out as he pulled his brother on top of him.

Kankuro smiled inwardly as he slid in between his brother's legs. Mmm...feels good to be between his legs and feel his brother's warm skin. He bent down and kissed his brother's lips, parting them with his tongue, and slipping the warm appendage into his brother's mouth. Gaara moaned as he felt his brother's tongue fondle his own. He arched his lower body against Kankuro's hips. Kankuro pulled back and murmured, "Patience my slut."

He moved his lips down his brother's body, kissing along the pale arched neck that Gaara made available for him. Kankuro bit the soft skin hard causing Gaara to let out a strangled cry of pleasure. He let go of the purpling flesh and placed light kisses along his brother's neck till he reached his shoulder. He reached down, lightly touching Gaara's member. Gaara groaned as he arched his hips toward his brother's hand. Gaara could feel Kankuro's amusement as he moaned for the older man.

Kankuro leaned over and took his brother's peaked nipple in his hot, wet mouth. "Kank..uro..." Gaara moaned as he let out a soft moan of pleasure. His body ached with a pleasurable heat. At one end, the older brother was sucking on his nipple harshly and at the other, he was pumping Gaara's cock at a steady rhythm. "Mmmm..." Kami he was being over taken by his brother's ministrations. Kankuro released hold of the nipple and used his lips to stake claim all the way over to the other side of his chest and took the other nub into his hot mouth. "Oh...fuck!"

"Not yet Gaara." The older brother replied as he released Gaara's nipple then began kissing harshly down towards his brother's cock. By now, he had released Gaara's cock and had grasped his thighs.

Gaara knew what was next...Kami, he wanted to thrust into his brother's mouth now! However, his brother was an expert at keeping him waiting in such a pleasurable haze. "Be patient whore, you'll get what's coming to you." He heard Kankuro say then envelop his cock into his hot, wet mouth. He arched off the bed, pushing his hips closer to his brother's mouth. He was aching for more of the heated pleasure that was his brother's tongue. "Ohh...Kankuro!" Fuck...it felt so good. Gaara tried not to buck against his brother's mouth, but fuck he was making it so hard!

Kankuro released his brother's cock, making the younger man moan in despair. "Easy slut." He paused as he slid a long finger into his brother's hole, then two, scissoring the flesh so he could push in easily. "You want this, don't you slut?" Oh Kami! Gaara wanted it! "Tell me baby...don't make me wait."

Gaara dug his fingers into Kankuro's hair as he shouted, "Yes Kami yes!" Kankuro pulled his pants down his waist and along his thighs, revealing his hard member. He had pulled his fingers out and placed his cock in front of Gaara's hole as he placed his strong hands on either side of the younger man's chest. Kankuro thrust hard into his brother's body, making both cry out in pleasure. One hand moved from beside the red-head's chest to his swollen cock, pumping the arousal so he could come faster.

Kankuro never felt so good as when he was in his brother's body, the tightness of his body around his cock almost felt like taking a virginal girl over and over...but much better. His lips took Gaara's, swallowing the other's moans as his hand pumped his cock and his body thrusted against his brother's. He could feel the familiar sensation in his cock as he felt Gaara's body contract around his cock. Kankuro felt the contractions continue while groaning into the kiss and emptying his seed into his brother's passage. His brother spilled over his hand while continuing to shake.

After they finished, Gaara pulled back and told his brother, "Thanks...I needed that."

Kankuro smiled, "Mmm...good. I enjoyed fucking you."

Gaara smiled back, "Stay with me?"

Kankuro's eyes widened, "Hmm...why?"

"I want you." Gaara replied.

Kankuro smirked at his brother as he grabbed his brother's waist and said, "You know you do."

The End

Hope you enjoy!
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